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Locations We Serve

At Caldwell & Gregory we currently serve 25 states and Washington D.C. We are committed to providing the best service possible throughout each location.

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Bring Caldwell & Gregory Laundry Equipment to Your State

We started our operations in the beautiful state of Virginia with a mission to meet the laundry demands of colleges and universities. Decades later, we now cater to various states across the country for multiple industries, including multi-housing and commercial businesses.

Bring the best laundry service near you with Caldwell & Gregory. When you partner with us, you can benefit from more than just achieving your laundry plans. We exceed customer expectations by offering the following services: 

  • Unmatched customer care: We ensure a seamless service for every customer. You can count on us for a more consultative approach when handling your laundry needs because we treat customers as individuals, not as numbers.
  • Dedicated preventive maintenance: Our customer care extends to the maintenance of your machines. We work hand in hand with you to keep your equipment running and in tip-top shape.
  • 24/7 customer support: As part of our commitment to unparalleled service, we provide uninterrupted customer support every hour, every day. If you come across any problem, you can contact us anytime, and our team of professionals will respond to your issue quickly.
  • Premium laundry solutions: One of the C&G standards focuses on providing laundry equipment with the latest technology. As a leader in this industry, we offer solutions with the finest technology to improve the overall laundry experience. Our remarkable technology capabilities enable flexible payment options, in-app allowances, automatic self-diagnostics and more.
  • Multiple locations in the U.S.: We’ve expanded our service to various states over the years. This expansion has allowed us to serve more schools, apartments and businesses across various industries with our helpful, convenient laundry facilities.

Explore Our Locations Across the Country

As a trusted supplier of superior laundry equipment for over 30 years, we aim to provide excellent customer service to every customer. At present, we have over 20 branches, with each location having its own team of technicians, dispatch personnel and sales representatives who collaborate to provide unmatched service. You can contact these individuals 24/7 for all your laundry needs, and they will be happy to help. 

Our service locations across the U.S. include:

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Get in Touch Today for Any of Your Laundry Needs

At Caldwell & Gregory, you are our priority. You can rely on us for the latest laundry equipment for universities, multi-house buildings and commercial pursuits. Our laundry legacy revolves around superior technology, unmatched service and exceptional customer care. Contact us today to start your laundry journey.