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Laundry facilities can be a challenging logistic for apartment building operators, business owners and college administrators. Having sturdy, well-maintained equipment is a necessity, and residents and customers want their laundry experience to be straightforward and affordable. Caldwell & Gregory, a leading professional laundry service in Pennsylvania, offers an ideal solution.

Efficient Laundry Machines in Pennsylvania

College students don’t want to spend too much time in the laundry room. The younger generation also cares about eco-friendliness when it comes to utilities. Providing the latest in washing and drying technology is essential.

At Caldwell & Gregory, we offer the most current laundry equipment to deliver powerful cleaning solutions for universities. We strive to make things effortless for users with convenient mobile apps and payments. Our team provides a one-vendor answer to equipment leasing, preventive maintenance and around-the-clock customer support. With our affordable pricing, the machines pay for themselves, and universities keep the extra income student fees create.

Why Choose Caldwell & Gregory for Your Commercial Laundry in Pennsylvania?

Commercial entities and health care institutions have unique laundry needs. At spas and hotels, robes, towels and sheets that need cleaning can multiply quickly. Hospitals and assisted living facilities use various gowns and linens to keep patients comfortable. Partnering with Caldwell & Gregory to resolve these needs has many benefits, including:

  • High-efficiency models: Commercial-grade equipment saves time and energy with larger load sizes and fewer cycles.
  • Better cleanliness and hygiene: Caldwell & Gregory offers washing and drying machines from industry-leading partners like Speed Queen, designed to handle demanding laundry sanitation and cleaning needs.
  • A competitive edge: Perks like on-site laundry facilities can be a deciding factor for customers choosing a gym or fitness center. This benefit can also justify higher membership fees.
  • The latest equipment: Caldwell & Gregory carries technologically advanced equipment, meaning users can customize various settings to protect more delicate items from damage.

Our Multi-Housing Laundry Services in Pennsylvania 

When it comes to laundry solutions for multifamily housing, turn to the consultants at Caldwell & Gregory. Our comprehensive multiresident and apartment laundry services in Pennsylvania include:

  • Concept design: Work with an experienced professional to create a custom laundry system focusing on users and organizational needs.
  • Equipment installation: Let us deliver and place the equipment to ensure correct hookups and safe operation.
  • Machine service and support: You can contact a support specialist 24/7 for assistance. We’ll also handle regular maintenance and repairs.
  • User-friendly payment options: Satisfy your tenants with flexibility and convenience. We offer a wide selection of payment methods, from coins to mobile phone apps.

Rely on Caldwell & Gregory for Your Professional Laundry Services in Pennsylvania

At Caldwell & Gregory, we draw on more than three decades of experience to deliver unrivaled customer care and custom laundry solutions throughout the Keystone State. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all solutions, we’ll work with you to design the ideal equipment and laundry program for your facility and its customers. Contact us online to get started.

151 Joepa Ln, Aaronsburg, PA 16820, USA