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Designing efficient and effective laundry facilities can be challenging for college administrators, multi-resident housing managers and businesses. The solution is to find the right equipment to satisfy user needs at affordable prices. Team up with Caldwell & Gregory, an expert in professional laundry services in Alabama, to obtain the equipment and assistance you need.

Benefit From Our College Student Laundry Services

Make students and resident assistants (RAs) happier by installing our top-of-the-line Speed Queen® machines in your student laundry room. You’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Student appreciation: The Speed Queen models we offer have the highest energy efficiency ratings in the industry. You’ll save money on reduced energy costs while gaining student approval for being eco-friendly.
  • Total connectivity: Our customer account service — AccountAbility — allows you to track payments, service requests and more when it’s most convenient for you. Use any connected device for secure web-based access. Plus, your students can download the versatile Speed Queen mobile app, giving them payment options and machine alerts to help them with better time management.
  • Student education resources: We offer a series of how-to videos and RA training courses to prepare students to manage laundry needs successfully. LaundryPalooza also teaches the fundamentals, like how to understand tag symbols for better laundry handling.

We Create Apartment Laundry Services

Multi-resident housing often relies on shared laundry facilities to save space and money. That’s why so many managers turn to Caldwell & Gregory to outfit their multi-housing laundry areas in Alabama.

Leasing our machines means saving the money you would have spent equipping every unit with a washer and dryer. Plus, we handle the upkeep and repair, using preventive maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns and keep your models running longer.

Our machines also provide the most convenient payment options for tenants. They support coins, mobile apps and debit cards, helping you collect fees in many ways. Once their charges cover your leasing costs, you keep everything else you earn as passive income.

Caldwell & Gregory’s Commercial Laundry for Alabama Businesses

Hotel managers, health care professionals and salon owners rely on our decades of experience to deliver maximum capacity and sanitation. With our commercial laundry services, you can expect:

  • A customized solution: The Caldwell & Gregory experts know every business is unique. That’s why we use a consultative method to help you choose the right equipment to fit your needs.
  • An exceptional service team: Each technician prepares for service with manufacturer training from our partners Maytag® and Speed Queen. Their in-depth product knowledge gives them the expertise to fix and maintain our models safely and efficiently. We also carry a variety of parts for quicker repairs.
  • A wide selection of commercial equipment: Customer well-being is essential, so you want only the highest-grade equipment to achieve this goal. Caldwell & Gregory carries a large inventory of high-capacity, quick-cycling equipment to fit the bill.

Save Money on Your Professional Laundry Services in Alabama

We’re Alabama’s choice for student, resident and commercial laundry solutions. Our team draws on over 30 years of industry knowledge to provide you with exceptional selection and service. To learn what Caldwell & Gregory can do for you, request more information online.