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Innovative Laundry Technology

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Because payment cards have become the norm for spending money, many customers avoid carrying bills or coins to purchase goods or services. Modern laundry rooms are an excellent example of how technology has made laundry more efficient and convenient. Because much of today’s equipment offers multiple forms of payment, customers no longer need to carry cash or large piles of coins to wash or dry their clothes.

Caldwell & Gregory is an unparalleled leader in laundry technology. Our team of experts will ensure your residents have the finest technology and payment platforms to meet their needs. We have developed strong relationships with technology companies like Alliance, Transact and CBORD, giving us the knowledge and insight needed to make sure that regardless of what technology program or payment platform you have, it runs smoothly. 

Our consultative approach helps provide the right options for your building.


A Deep Dive Into Our Technology

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Innovative Laundry Systems From Caldwell & Gregory

Our technology keeps customers coming back and residents happy because we put the power with the people. We offer flexibility and peace of mind for people using our machines. Our commercial washers and dryers provide an all-inclusive payment system, meaning customers can operate our machines with various payment methods, including coins, cards or Bluetooth technology.

Besides offering increased efficiency and convenience to consumers, our advanced systems allow building owners or managers to minimize the labor costs of their laundry operations. Our technology helps monitor machine use remotely, alerting owners when equipment requires servicing or water levels need adjustments. These advanced features also provide critical performance data, allowing managers to add equipment or make operational adjustments based on customer needs. 

More importantly, our laundry systems use state-of-the-art encryption that complies with industry regulations, ensuring your transactions are always safe and secure.

How Our Laundry App Works With Commercial Washers and Dryers

One of the most significant advantages of our app is that it allows residents to check equipment availability and select mobile payment options before arriving at the laundry rooms, saving considerable time if the machines are already occupied. In addition, the app enables customers to receive real-time updates, including instant alerts when their cycles are complete. Utilizing the technology is as easy as downloading the application to your smartphone, adding a payment method or funds to your digital wallet and paying for your machine time.

Caldwell & Gregory handles all the heavy lifting for laundry room managers, allowing you to focus on other essential job responsibilities. We ensure that all the technology is installed and ready to go on each machine you lease from us. Additionally, we’ll handle all the equipment maintenance and repairs — including the payment systems — for the lease’s duration.

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Speed Queen Laundry App

One of the many technology options we offer is the Speed Queen mobile app for smartphones. The Speed Queen app delivers customized possibilities for your laundry program, including:

  • Flexible payment options, including debit/credit cards, campus one card or a combination of both
  • Governed laundry, providing an in-app laundry allowance
  • Up-to-the-minute machine availability and notifications for when your cycles are complete
  • Automatic service reporting notifications

The technology is built into our machines with factory support and always includes self-diagnostic, automatic service reporting. 

Learn More about the Speed Queen App

Technology and Payment Platform Partners

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Discover More With Caldwell & Gregory

For decades, Caldwell & Gregory has set the standard for delivering the most practical, innovative and cost-efficient laundry programs for colleges, universities and multi-housing living facilities. We stand out from similar companies by prioritizing superior customer service, providing each client with the individualized attention they need for each project, regardless of their business’s size. Contact us online or call 877-784-6100 today to learn more about how our customized laundry systems can benefit your operation.

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