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Laundry Machines for College Administrators

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Give Your Students the Laundry Services They Deserve

Caldwell & Gregory offers innovative washing equipment for schools and universities nationwide. Our powerful machines, excellent service and cutting-edge technology will ensure students and administrators have a laundry experience they can trust and respect.

Partnering with us makes laundry stress-free on your campus, with durable and dependable equipment, the latest technology, informational resources for students & faculty, and industry-leading customer service. We help you equip your students with the skills they need to give them confidence in doing their laundry, often for the first time in their lives. We provide the necessary resources and tools to ensure laundry is hassle-free for you and your students. Our commercial-grade laundry equipment helps your students get the most out of every wash.

What To Know About College Students
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Importance of Convenience for On-Campus Laundry Rooms

When it comes to catering to college students, convenience is everything because:

  • College students are busy: They cannot afford to wait hours for their laundry. A washing machine that updates them on their laundry progress and which machines are free can help them use their time more efficiently.
  • College students are campus dwellers: They typically spend most of their time on campus. That implies that the most practical place for a laundry room is inside their dorm, in high-traffic areas or in other easily accessible spots on campus. Placing the washing facility in a handy location will shorten their commute and allow them to use it after a cognitively taxing day of class. 
  • College students are on a budget: They often do not have much extra money to spend, so they are less inclined to pay for a sluggish and inconvenient service.
  • College students are motivated by technology: Today’s students expect their laundry machines to be compatible with their smartphones, tablets and smart cards. Smart cards and apps eliminate the need to go to the bank or save quarters whenever they wash their clothing.
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Importance of Choosing the Right Equipment

Equipment quality & performance is the most essential component a strong laundry program. Speed Queen machines set the industry standard and are far superior to any other brand for several reasons:

  • Speed Queen machines are built for extended, high-volume commercial use that exceeds 15,000 cycles
  • Each machine is durable and reliable, experiencing fewer failures
  • Speed Queen is equipped with unmatched technology and user benefits
  • The brand delivers the most energy-efficient machines currently available

How To Choose The Right Equipment

Student Education

College is full of new experiences for many students and doing laundry is often one more thing to learn We make doing laundry simple and stress-free for your on-campus students by providing various instructional resources, including:

  • In-Person “LaundryPalooza” RA training
  • Engaging and easy-to-understand laundry room signage
  • On-campus promotions and event involvement
  • Instructional videos
  • ServiceAbility laundry service reporting
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The Right Program Starts with Exceptional Service

Our three-tier service approach sets Caldwell & Gregory apart from the competition.

Learn More About Service
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What Sets Us Apart 

The Caldwell & Gregory Difference

Our collaboration with Speed Queen delivers efficient and trustworthy machines while offering modern comforts. Electronic payment alternatives and smartphone connectivity make it easier for your students to do their laundry. The Speed Queen mobile app offers further benefits like:

  • Governed washing with an in-app laundry allowance.
  • Real-time machine availability and alerts when your cycles are complete.
  • Notifications for automated service reporting.


C&G’s Green Initiative

At Caldwell & Gregory, we understand the importance of preserving our natural resources and protecting our planet. At our headquarters, we implement proven sustainability practices and work with our partners to support their efforts to promote green initiatives.

Flexible Payment Options

One area in which campus laundry programs need to improve is the limited payment options for students. Each of our on-campus laundry machines has numerous payment options to make it easier for students to do their laundry. Students can pay for their laundry using cutting-edge technology in a variety of simple ways, including: 

  • Mobile App for Smart Phones (Speed Queen App)
  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Campus One Card
  • Coins

Easily Accessible Online Reporting of Your Account Information

If an issue arises, we will solve it right away. Local experts are accessible 365 days a year for service needs. Students and administrators may report problems by email, phone or our app, and a technician will repair or replace any out-of-order machines within 24 hours. Our experts will also collaborate with your institution’s current computer systems to document issues so you are always informed.

This proprietary platform – AccountAbility – allows you to:

  • View Collections History
  • View Commission Payment History
  • Submit Service Requests
  • View Service History
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