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College Laundry Solutions for Students

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You have better things to do than sit in a laundry room all day!

Caldwell & Gregory makes doing laundry seamless and stress-free for students. Our reliable and durable washers and dryers are equipped with the latest technology to match your lifestyle.

Need help doing laundry?

Click the link below for videos on how to use the equipment, laundry tips, and the Speed Queen app.

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What Are the Basic Laundry Symbols? 

Equip students with knowledge about Speed Queen washer and dryer symbols for a safe, easy laundry session. Here are some of the basic signs for proper guidance when students use your campus laundry solutions

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How to Do Laundry in Colleges and Universities

Most college and university students are living on their own for the first time. This means having limited to zero knowledge of doing laundry. Guide them with the ins and outs of washing and drying clothes. 

Here are step-by-step laundry instructions for college students to help them save resources and maximize time:

  1. Sort clothes by color or weight. 
  2. Separate towels and items with special washing instructions.
  3. Remember to check the pockets for pins, pens and other items.
  4. Turn clothes inside out to limit the risk of color fading and damage due to friction.
  5. Prepare the laundry detergent and set the water temperature.
  6. Hit the start button and wait for the cycle to end.
  7. Transfer the freshly washed items to the dryer
  8. Make sure to check the lint trap to prevent potential fire hazards.
  9. Set the dryer temperature based on the clothes. 
  10. Fold the clothes and they’re ready to wear!

How to Use Our Innovative Technology

As your trusted leader in the laundry sector, we use innovative technology to make laundry services more reliable and efficient. Our technology offers more than just flexibility in payment methods, from coins to cards and even Bluetooth. The Caldwell & Gregory laundry app also comes with the following remarkable features that allow students to be more productive while doing their laundry:

  • Monitoring system: The latest technology gives students the exact time their load will be finished. The notifications upon cycle completion help save time compared to setting an estimated duration or going back and forth to the laundry room. 
  • Machine availability update: Students can spend their precious time doing their schoolwork instead of waiting in the laundry queue. Our app updates within a minute to notify users once there’s an available machine. This means students can plan their day ahead and not waste time.
  • Automatic self-diagnostic notifications: Our partnerships with top tech companies ensure seamless laundry service even when handling some minor issues along the way. It’s easy to resolve simple problems on your own with our self-diagnostic feature.

Make Students’ Lives Easier With Our Laundry Solutions

Combine efficiency and peace of mind with our laundry services for universities and colleges. Caldwell & Gregory’s laundry equipment is perfect for busy students in need of a simple, convenient machine to operate. Invest in our top-notch laundry equipment with the latest technology or get in touch with our dedicated team to learn more about our college laundry solutions.

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What Our Customers Say

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“Caldwell & Gregory has always been very professional in our dealings, they have lived up to our agreement and gone above and beyond words on paper. The service is outstanding and our Service Technician is a part of our family.”

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Kathy Tidwell

The University of Mississippi

“It is refreshing to not have to worry about laundry service; that is to say, I don’t have to worry about whether or not Caldwell & Gregory is doing the job. My experience working with your company has shown me that you and your people can be trusted to do the right thing.”

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Anthony Harvey

Clemson University

“Your staff has exhibited pride in service; providing immediate response time and a superior quality of customer care. Your technicians are well-groomed and always in uniform. They check-in with us every time they come on campus and we always know what they are doing.”

Jerry L. Bartley

Alabama State University

“The folks at Caldwell & Gregory made some big promises and we were a bit nervous given that we were to be one of your first universities in Texas, but our anxiety was completely unfounded. You have delivered on all your promises and exceeded all our expectations.”

Thomas Martin

Texas A&M University – Kingsville

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