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College students, salon customers and apartment complex residents deserve the highest degree of cleaning power and convenience when it comes to their laundry needs. Facility providers need to know their equipment is reliable and affordable. At Caldwell & Gregory, we have more than 30 years of experience to help companies rise to these challenges. Create a better option for shared and commercial laundry spaces with our professional laundry service.

The Value of Our College Resident Laundry Services

Caldwell & Gregory’s on-campus laundry programs offer many advantages.  Louisiana schools choose our services because:

  • They support green initiatives: We stand by the high efficiency of our Speed Queen® products for using less energy and conserving our precious resources. Plus, reduced consumption means saving on utility costs.
  • They provide management tools and resources: Caldwell & Gregory offers AccountAbility as a digital resource for administrators. Enjoy convenient online access for service tickets, payment monitoring and more. We’ve also gathered learning resources for students and resident assistants on our LaundryPalooza website. 
  • They keep everyone informed: Our equipment connects to technology to keep users in the loop. Washers and dryers make use of the Speed Queen app to send status alerts and process payments.

Solutions for Multihousing Laundry in Louisiana

Design a more functional shared laundry space to save money in multihousing settings. Caldwell & Gregory provides cost-effective leases with fixed monthly payments for more affordability than per-dwelling machinery. Users appreciate the flexibility to pay as they choose with equipment that takes everything from mobile software to banking cards and coins. 

Under our lease terms, customers offset their fees with tenant laundry charges and keep any additional credits. Our agreements also supply expert repair and routine services. Maintaining units in good condition prevents potential breakdowns and extends machines’ useful lives. 

Solutions for Commercial Laundry in Louisiana

We know the best buying experience starts with the best support. That’s why Caldwell & Gregory takes a one-on-one perspective with our commercial customers. Our team helps clients navigate their complex needs based on beliefs like these:

  • Better equipment means money savings: High-quality commercial models like those from Speed Queen and Maytag® run larger loads in less time. Fewer cycles and increased efficiency levels translate to savings on energy bills.
  • Individual consultation means better advice: We visit our customers’ businesses to see their issues up close. We can choose the right features and machines to resolve challenges when we have a deeper understanding of them. 
  • Expert service means more uptime: We send our technicians through factory training to give them product-specific experience. Their expertise and access to in-stock parts mean scheduled upkeep and repairs are quick and accurate.

Use the Leader for Professional Laundry Service in Louisiana

If you’re ready to install or upgrade your college, commercial or apartment laundry service in Louisiana, we’re ready to help. The Caldwell & Gregory team has proudly served the Bayou State and its communities for over three decades. Rely on us to bring the latest equipment at affordable prices and back it with superior customer service. Request your consultation online to get started.