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There are many challenges to getting a shared or commercial laundry solution that works for everyone. Business users need extra capacity and hygiene, while tenants and college students want easy-to-use and environmentally friendly systems. As the local Mississippi expert in professional laundry services, Caldwell & Gregory can help you reach your goals.

Caldwell & Gregory Laundry Service Benefits for Colleges

Meet your students’ needs for information and practicality while maintaining control over your time and costs. With Caldwell & Gregory as your partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • High-efficiency machines: Reduce energy costs and support greener practices with our Speed Queen® models, which boast the highest efficiency ratings of all equipment on the market. 
  • Customer account management features: Access your account online at any time and from any device. You have total visibility into your transaction and service histories for better program management.
  • An educational platform: Support students with various ways to learn how to do their laundry. Caldwell & Gregory’s LaundryPalooza offers resources for everything from accurately reading clothing tags to machine use videos.
  • Industry-leading technology: Deliver the connected experience your students expect. The Speed Queen app sends cycle alerts and makes payment easy.

Our Apartment Laundry Service in Mississippi

There’s a reason communities depend on Caldwell & Gregory for multi-housing laundry in Mississippi. They choose us because we deliver the best in shared laundry facility equipment, flexible leases and service.

Outfit your facility with dependable washers and dryers from industry leaders. Our Maytag® and Speed Queen machine leases are much more cost-friendly than installing laundry equipment in each residence. Plus, we save you money with our preventive maintenance program as part of your lease. Your machines will last longer and perform better when we handle the regular upkeep. 

Our laundry models also take various forms of payment, making it easy for tenants to use the facility and you to earn money. After their fees satisfy your lease expenses, you’ll get the remaining profit. 

Caldwell & Gregory’s Services for Commercial Laundry in Mississippi

Businesses like health clubs, commercial laundromats and hotels need durable, reliable equipment with extra-large capacities. Caldwell & Gregory helps companies reach their goals by providing:

  • Comprehensive consultations: Our process starts with an in-depth understanding of your business and its laundry challenges. Knowing your unique needs allows us to recommend the right equipment to meet them.
  • Efficient commercial-grade models: Fewer loads and quicker cycling means less investment into equipment. Our high-efficiency models deliver extra energy savings, too.
  • A highly skilled team of service technicians: Maytag and Speed Queen sponsor training programs for our technicians, so they receive product-specific knowledge to better maintain and repair equipment. We also give our workers an extensive inventory of replacement parts to quickly restore your essential services.

Choose Caldwell & Gregory for Professional Laundry Services

Save more today with the Magnolia State’s leading provider of professional laundry services. The team at Caldwell & Gregory draws on over three decades of experience to develop, install, maintain and repair a custom solution for your laundry needs. 

Discover how we can support your users’ success at lower prices by contacting a team member today.