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Face your laundry challenges head-on with a comprehensive solution from Caldwell & Gregory. We’re a premier supplier of professional and commercial laundry services in Iowa. Our experienced team brings the knowledge your business, university or apartment complex needs to meet user expectations.

How Caldwell & Gregory Benefits Your College Laundry Services

Our team works hard to deliver the precise equipment and tools to ensure your on-campus laundry success. Advantages of partnering with us include:

  • Saving money: High-efficiency Speed Queen® models offer the industry’s best energy efficiency ratings, driving down your consumption costs and supporting sustainability.
  • Helping students manage their time: Our machines integrate easily with the Speed Queen app, allowing students to get machine cycle and availability alerts to keep them informed about machine statuses as they pursue other activities.
  • Educating your resident assistants (RAs) and students: Caldwell & Gregory offers in-person training to RAs to help them coach students more effectively. Students also have access to our self-serve learning resources via the LaundryPalooza website. 
  • Managing your account conveniently: We’ve designed our AccountAbility portal just for our customers. The secure online application allows you to monitor service histories, track revenue and more.

Advantages of Using Multi-Housing Laundry in Iowa

Multi-resident housing complexes across the Hawkeye State count on Caldwell & Gregory professionals for unique laundry solutions. We bring industry-leading products at economical prices to your shared spaces with our leases.

Equipment leasing saves you money — there’s no per-unit machine investment required. Our certified technicians also maintain and repair your models as part of our lease. With scheduled upkeep, your machines will perform better and run longer.

Plus, we help you generate income from your machines. After you pay the lease with what you collect from users, you keep everything else you earn. Our washers and dryers from Maytag® and Speed Queen link to the latest technology, too. This connectivity makes it easier for tenants to pay for services and boost your revenue.

The Best Choice for Commercial Laundry in Iowa

Laundry at commercial businesses like salons, hospitals and hotels can pile up without the right equipment. The Caldwell & Gregory team helps out by offering:

  • The best selection of commercial equipment: Get the extra capacity and quick cycles your business needs. Our high-efficiency machines deliver durability and reliability while reducing energy costs.
  • The area’s most well-trained support team: Maximize running time by getting equipment maintenance and repairs from a skilled team. Our technicians are factory-trained by Maytag and Speed Queen experts. As a result, they provide quick and accurate service.
  •  Information-based recommendations: You can rely on our industry knowledge. Once you’ve told us your needs, we’ll suggest the equipment that meets them best.

Manage Your Professional Laundry Service in Iowa With Caldwell & Gregory

If you need student, commercial or apartment laundry services in Iowa, choose the team at Caldwell & Gregory. Our industry professionals use more than 30 years of experience to develop creative solutions to meet your laundry challenges. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy the area’s best prices, services and support. 

Schedule your consultation today by contacting a team member online.