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Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Caldwell & Gregory (“C&G”), the nation’s leading provider of value-based laundry service programs to the College, University and Multi-Housing markets, has announced its partnership with Washco Laundry Equipment, Inc. (“WLE”), a laundry service provider headquartered in Ft. Myers, FL. C&G has served the laundry market for over 30 years through a commitment to providing superior service to customers and a fulfilling work environment for employees.  The partnership will allow WLE’s owner to retire while continuing to ensure an exceptional service experience for WLE’s clients and an outstanding workplace for its employees.

Upgrade the comfort level of your students, tenants and customers with high-quality laundry facilities from Caldwell & Gregory. Our value-based laundry service programs solve laundry challenges in universities, multi-housing structures and other commercial buildings in Florida and beyond. 

Our Partnership With Washco Laundry Equipment, Inc.

When two leading laundry service providers work hand in hand, it translates to exceptional services for Florida clients. Our partnership with Washco Laundry Equipment, Inc. (WLE) solidifies our commitment to cost-effective commercial laundry services while continuing WLE’s tradition of excellence.

With Caldwell & Gregory’s innovative technology at their side, WLE’s operations will continue running smoothly for the foreseeable future. The commercial washers and dryers for sale are accompanied by our Speed Queen app. This will help people efficiently work machines by offering a great user experience. Interested in learning how to use the Speed Queen app?

  1. Create an account
  2. Add your location pin
  3. Select your laundry room
  4. View all available machines
  5. Navigate the app accordingly.


Seamless Laundry Services in Colleges and Universities

From schoolwork to social responsibilities, students face a lot of challenges at university. Make their college life more convenient with reliable laundry services. We are your go-to partner for quality laundry services across Florida. Our on-campus laundry spaces are designed to cater to the needs of hectic student schedules. In addition, our coin-operated laundry equipment helps:

  • Provide practical laundry knowledge: We offer detailed key resources via LaundryPalooza, which guides students on how to handle the equipment. Help students understand the basic laundry symbols so that they can do their laundry effectively. 
  • Reduce costs: Our efficiency-leading laundry models are built for high-volume operations. This equipment is durable and reliable, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption and lower your operating expenses. 
  • Manage time efficiently: With our Account Ability portal, your students can schedule laundry services ahead. The Speed Queen app also covers cost information and other laundry essentials for extra convenience.

College Laundry Solutions


Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment for Various Setups

You can provide an efficient laundry solution in your apartment complex with our help. Florida laundry systems from Caldwell & Gregory offer you the right solution to meet the demands of your tenants. We make sure to cater to your needs expertly by assessing your requirements in person or virtually and tailoring the laundry equipment accordingly. Some of the multi-housing complexes we accommodate include:

  • Apartments
  • Senior living housing 
  • RV parks

Multi-Housing Solutions


Commercial Laundry Service in Florida

From hotels to salons and laundromats, we serve the laundry industry in Florida to boost commercial laundry equipment sales. Our customized options for your laundry room offer: 

  • Flexible payment options, including debit/credit cards, campus one card or a combination of both.
  • Governed laundry, providing an in-app laundry allowance.
  • Up-to-the-minute machine availability and notifications for when your cycles are complete.
  • Automatic service reporting notifications.

Bob Dinnie, C&G’s President and CEO shared, “When WLE’s owner, John Mitchell, and I first met, it was clear we shared a similar vision regarding what is necessary to succeed in the laundry business in a way that includes employees and customers in that success as opposed to succeeding at their expense. When John shared he was looking for a like-minded partner that would allow him to retire with peace of mind, I knew we were the perfect fit. John has built an amazing business with talented people and it will be a sincere honor to carry on their legacy of excellence.”  

“WLE is a great fit for us geographically and philosophically, and we are excited to use our resources to bring their customers advanced support systems, expanded resources and enhanced technology. Clients from both companies will also benefit from the increased operational support that will result. Everybody wins!” Dinnie added. “The timing could not be better for John and C&G, and we are excited to continue a tradition of excellence and add new talented team members to the C&G family!”


Commercial Laundry Equipment in Florida

We provide professional laundry machines and maintenance to colleges and multi-housing facilities throughout Florida. Our expert team is ready to provide and service your building’s laundry machines. Contact us to get started!


Florida Sales Team

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Senior Multi-Family Specialist
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Account Services Manager
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Commercial Laundry Service in Florida

If you’re looking for commercial laundry service companies near you, Caldwell & Gregory is the expert laundry solutions partner you need. As the nation’s leading provider of coin-operated laundry equipment, we tailor your products according to your needs. More than that, we take pride in how we treat our customers, from inquiry to installation to preventive maintenance. Contact us today and experience high-quality customer service from laundry leaders.

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