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Those who plan laundry services for apartments, colleges and companies know they have unique needs to meet, and balancing user expectations with business requirements can result in extra challenges. That’s why Caldwell & Gregory offers custom laundry solutions with Missouri’s best brands, customer service and price points.

Benefits of Caldwell & Gregory College Laundry Services

The experienced team at Caldwell & Gregory brings many benefits to universities and their on-campus residents, including:

  • The best in energy efficiency: We proudly install and maintain Speed Queen® washers and dryers to deliver eco-friendly laundry options and cut energy bills.
  • A library of learning materials: Our comprehensive LaundryPalooza pages contain helpful resources students can access for better laundry outcomes.
  • The latest technology-connected machines: Speed Queen’s proprietary app integrates with our equipment to ease payments and notify users of status changes. 
  • Self-serve account management tools: Caldwell & Gregory’s AccountAbility portal provides administrators a convenient way to monitor their accounts, order services and get accurate reporting.

Creative Solutions for Multihousing Laundry in Missouri

Caldwell & Gregory consultants have extensive experience designing affordable and personalized laundries for multifamily housing. Laundry specialists offer a spectrum of solutions for meeting tenants’ demands while cutting costs.

Keep more capital on hand by opting for an affordable equipment lease over in-unit washers and dryers. Our leases are a cost-friendly way to install first-rate brands like Maytag® and Speed Queen while supporting convenient payment options. These advanced machines use methods from coins to mobile phone apps to bank cards for convenience.

Our laundry solutions pay for themselves — and then some. After renters’ fees satisfy the lease cost, the remaining profit goes directly into your account. We support our clients with a thorough upkeep program for even more savings. Limit the potential of downtime with preventive maintenance from our highly skilled staff.

Support for Commercial Laundry in Missouri 

Many businesses face unique laundry issues, including laundromats, hospitals, spas and fitness clubs. These professionals need commercial equipment to meet specific hygiene and load capacity requirements. The knowledgeable laundry team at Caldwell & Gregory uses a consultative technique to address these challenges. Benefit from our:

  • Personalized guidance: We’ll tour your business for a complete understanding of your cleaning needs. Better information leads to the best advice and product selection for your strategy.
  • Full-featured equipment: We supply commercial-grade models with the power, cycle times and efficiency you need for any space. Our energy-saving machinery also helps you run fewer loads and reduce associated operating costs.
  • Fleet of expert technicians: Caldwell & Gregory’s service team members complete factory training with our partners. As a result, they have the area’s best expertise for machine maintenance and repair. We also give them a broad parts inventory to make repairs faster.

Find Better Professional Laundry Service in Missouri

Whether you need commercial, student or apartment laundry services in Missouri, Caldwell & Gregory is here for you. We proudly serve companies throughout the Show-Me State with more than 30 years of experience creating personalized solutions. Take advantage of our one-to-one project approach and schedule your consultation today.