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Commercial Washing Machines for Hotels

The hospitality sector is a fast-paced, customer-focused workplace requiring exceptional service and visitor interactions. First impressions are vital. You want to wow your guests with brilliant white linens and fresh scents as soon as they enter their rooms. Caldwell & Gregory provides various industrial washing machines to meet and surpass your expectations. Our specialists have been working with hotels for years to supply high-quality, dependable commercial washing machines to fulfill the needs of small independent hotels and major hotel groups.

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Types of Commercial Washing Machines for Hotels

Hotels should always use high-speed, high-spin washing machines to get the most out of each wash. There are two ways that hotels can offer laundry services:

  • On-premises: On-premises machines function similarly to at-home machines but have a significantly bigger capacity, allowing for enormous loads of sheets, towels and other linens. 
  • Vended: Vended washing machines allow guests to do their laundry. These machines usually require a payment method like coins or cards to operate.

The type of commercial laundry machine you choose depends on the size of your business and the frequency of use. Our experts at Caldwell & Gregory can help you choose from several options.

Industrial Washing Machines

These washing machines can withstand heavy loads and prolonged use. They are usually large capacity and need a good amount of room, but they can handle more weight than a typical residential machine. They are suitable for commercial locations where regular washing is vital for the business to function efficiently.

Stacked Washer Dryers

Stacked washers and dryers are ideal for making the most of available space in laundry facilities. Because they stack on top of one another, you can use more in the same area. These washer-dryers are ideal if your space is limited and you must accommodate numerous people in the laundry room.

Barrier Washing Machines

Barrier washing machines avoid cross-contamination by physically separating the loading and unloading sides. Use one of these washing machines if you operate in an atmosphere where cleanliness and sanitation are vital.

Hotel Laundry Machines From Caldwell & Gregory
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Hotel Laundry Room Services and Equipment Supplier

We are a certified supplier of Speed Queen’s commercial washers and dryers. These machines preserve their quality and efficiency even under heavy usage. Our staff recognizes the value of giving assistance and direction throughout the purchasing process and after, which is why we provide outstanding service in addition to our high-quality goods. Our hospitality laundry equipment and services consist of:

  • Repair services and replacement parts for equipment.
  • General contracting for installation of new equipment.
  • Affordable rental solutions for washing equipment.
  • Leasing of laundry room equipment to extended stay hotels.


Laundry Services Your Guests Will Love

Hospitality locations continuously strive to deliver excellent service to new and returning consumers. A dependable, powerful and efficient laundry system may be the difference between a smooth and chaotic operation. As a hotel, motel or spa manager, you can relax and devote more time to guests without worrying about laundry operations. Get in touch with our experts and experience our top-notch customer service.

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What Our Customers Say

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“Caldwell & Gregory has always been very professional in our dealings, they have lived up to our agreement and gone above and beyond words on paper. The service is outstanding and our Service Technician is a part of our family.”

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Kathy Tidwell

The University of Mississippi

“It is refreshing to not have to worry about laundry service; that is to say, I don’t have to worry about whether or not Caldwell & Gregory is doing the job. My experience working with your company has shown me that you and your people can be trusted to do the right thing.”

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Anthony Harvey

Clemson University

“Your staff has exhibited pride in service; providing immediate response time and a superior quality of customer care. Your technicians are well-groomed and always in uniform. They check-in with us every time they come on campus and we always know what they are doing.”

Jerry L. Bartley

Alabama State University

“The folks at Caldwell & Gregory made some big promises and we were a bit nervous given that we were to be one of your first universities in Texas, but our anxiety was completely unfounded. You have delivered on all your promises and exceeded all our expectations.”

Thomas Martin

Texas A&M University – Kingsville

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