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Investing in Multi-Housing Laundry

If you are a current owner/manager of an apartment or condominium complex, and answered yes, you may want to consider investing in a common area laundry facility. Not only is a multi-housing laundry facility a means of additional revenue, but it is an attractive amenity for your residents.

When it comes to choosing which equipment is right for your laundry room, there are many laundry machine options available from trusted brands; top load or front load; coin-operated or card operated. If you are having a tough time deciding which option is best for your laundry room, a Caldwell & Gregory representative can help.


Key Benefits to Leasing Commercial Laundry Machines

Earn Additional Profit

Fitting your buildings with commercial laundry machines can be a simple, yet lucrative side business. You don’t have to go out of your way to promote it, since laundry is a regular task performed by many.

Additionally, the cost of installing laundry equipment in each individual housing unit far exceeds the cost savings when leasing commercial laundry equipment. In-unit washers and dryers can lead to flooding or wall damage, and require more plumbing, venting and electrical wiring. Maintenance repairs and service costs are also reduced. Caldwell & Gregory recommends calculating your potential laundry utilities costs here.

Energy and Water Conservation

Caldwell & Gregory’s commercial laundry solution will provide your facility with high quality units manufactured by trusted brands. The Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool machines come with Energy Star qualification; choosing these eco-friendly machines allows your facility to effectively conserve energy and water resources. Residents who utilized community laundry rooms were found to save 500% more energy than residents who used in-unit machines.

Attractive Amenity

A multi-housing laundry facility in your property serves as an attractive amenity to prospective residents. A well-designed laundry room can be a solid selling point to prospective residents. Laundry is a household necessity and many residents prefer the convenience of having a common area laundry facility in their building, rather than commuting to a laundromat.

Caldwell & Gregory is the preferred choice for leasing commercial laundry equipment for multi-housing laundry facilities throughout Florida. For more information on leasing or installation of Caldwell & Gregory’s commercial washers and dryers, contact a Caldwell & Gregory representative today.