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Benefits of Upgrading Commercial Laundry Equipment

Replacing your old commercial laundry equipment offers your business several long-term benefits if you own or manage a building. You can expect to decrease your utility costs and provide a better quality laundry service to customers. You can also save time and money on repairs and ultimately increase your bottom line. Discover the benefits of upgrading commercial laundry equipment here.

Signs You Need An Upgrade

Using outdated, old commercial laundry equipment can lead to many problems. Here are a few signs it’s time for an upgrade:

6 Benefits Of Upgrading Technology

Replacing your old commercial laundry equipment with efficient modern washers and dryers can provide several benefits. While upgrading will be an upfront expense, the amount you’ll save on energy, repairs and operational disruptions will give you a high return on investment. You can also improve customer satisfaction, making upgrading technology great for profitability. 

1. Better Quality and Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of upgrading technology is better quality machines. Newer models bring in upgraded technology and better parts. Commercial laundry equipment is continually improving and the latest models can provide better cleaning. 

Investing in modern commercial laundry equipment also means enhanced efficiency and productivity, with faster cycle times and reduced energy usage. Many new models also extract more water and decrease drying times. The more efficient your laundromat or facility is, the more customers you can draw in.

Washers that don’t clean your customers’ clothes properly can deter visitors and guests. Upgraded machines clean your laundry faster and better, ensuring a reliable stream of clean laundry to keep customers coming back. 

2. Energy Savings

Upgrading your commercial laundry equipment can allow you to appreciate energy savings while reducing your environmental footprint. For example, ENERGY STAR-certified models use 45% less water and 25% less energy to get a better, faster clean. 

You might even earn certificates and badges from eco-friendly groups as your business minimizes its environmental impact. While being environmentally conscious is a noble pursuit on its own, it can also impress guests and tenants. Demonstrating your environmental awareness can attract environmentally sensitive customers. 

3. Lower Costs

Reducing laundry costs is another significant benefit of upgrading technology. While it may seem contradictory, purchasing new equipment can save you money. Old laundry equipment often has lower energy and water efficiency standards and won’t run as well as it should. In contrast, newer machines can handle more laundry while using less water and providing better energy efficiency. Even with a higher upfront cost, the amount you save on utilities will let you get your money back over time. 

4. Less Maintenance

Old commercial laundry equipment tends to break down frequently. Machines can become unreliable if they face too much use or poor maintenance. Even with proper care, there will be a time when your machines have reached the end of their life spans. When that happens, upgrading your equipment is essential. 

Having equipment that constantly breaks down can harm your business. Having fewer machines in service means doing laundry will take longer. Your customers and tenants may get frustrated and you might end up paying a lot of money for repairs. Upgrading your laundry equipment means having reliable machines, fewer service repair calls and a more productive workday. 

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction is one of the most significant benefits of upgrading laundry equipment. Upgrading your technology can please current customers and tenants and attract new ones from nearby competitors. 

Users will quickly recognize the advantages of new technology as they experience fewer problems cleaning their laundry. As they interact with the machines, they’ll notice changes like shorter cycle times, higher wash quality and better usability. 

6. Aesthetics

Bringing modern technology into your facilities can help you achieve a more professional aesthetic. Spotless new equipment conveys a sense of quality. A technology upgrade can boost your facility’s interior design and offer an excellent impression to those visiting your building for the first time. 

Cost-Effective Ways To Upgrade Equipment

Concerns about upfront costs can lead to business owners overusing outdated equipment. However, efficient laundry equipment is essential to keeping your customers and tenants satisfied and your recurring costs low. So how can you upgrade your equipment without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips:

Work With A Trusted Laundry Equipment Supplier

By replacing your machines with new models, your company can deliver quality laundry services to improve user experience and reduce operational costs. When you’re ready for an upgrade, turn to Caldwell & Gregory. 

We provide high-quality commercial laundry equipment with the latest technology, including the Speed Queen mobile app, to increase customer satisfaction! Our preventive maintenance service programs keep your machines running so your customers continue returning. 

Putting off your next upgrade could be putting off potential profits. Contact us today and we can help you get started.