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Choosing the Right Commercial Washer & Dryer for Your Laundry Business

What do college students, apartment building owners and laundromats all have in common? They all need a way to wash and dry clothing and linens quickly and easily. If laundry is part of your business, you need commercial-size washers and dryers that can withstand frequent use and, in some cases, abuse.

When choosing industrial-size washers and dryers for business, consider the machines themselves and the attention you get from the service provider. You want to select enough laundry equipment to meet demand while having the reassurance of a support team that has your back if there’s an issue with the washers or dryers. Keep reading for tips on how to pick a washer and dryer that’s right for you.

Tips to Select the Right Commercial Washer and Dryer

Commercial laundry equipment will generally see more use and wear and tear than equipment for home use. When choosing washers and dryers for your business, the most important thing is picking machines designed for commercial rather than residential use. Beyond that, several other considerations will help you select the machines that best meet your needs.

1. Think of Who Will Use the Equipment

Size matters when choosing laundry machines and one way to determine the most appropriate machine size is to consider the people who will use the washers and dryers. 

If you’re installing the machines in the laundry room of a college dorm, you can typically choose smaller-capacity machines than if you were installing the washers and dryers in a hotel. Hotels often have large loads or must launder bulky items, such as sheets and comforters. College students are most likely going to wash clothing or twin-bed-sized sheets.

Speaking of college students, another thing to consider is the experience level of the people using the machines. Laundry machines in a college dorm might get misused more often than equipment in a professional setting. If you suspect that your appliances will see a lot of wear and tear, look for models with a reputation for durability. 

2. Consider the Payment Method

Commercial laundry machines can be vended or unvended, depending on their purpose. In college dorms, washers and dryers are usually vended, meaning students must pay to use them. At a hotel, the laundry equipment might be both vended and unvended. The hotel’s housekeeping staff will use the unvended machines to launder guests’ sheets and towels, and you can install vended machines in a laundry room for guests to use. 

There are a few options for collecting payment on vended machines. Traditionally, vended machines were coin-operated and accepted quarters as payment. The machine’s price relates to its capacity or how many minutes of dry time a user gets.

A more modern option is to use smart card-operated washers and dryers. Machines that accept smart cards can be easier for people to use, as they don’t have to dig around for quarters or get change for paper bills. Card-operated machines are handy at college campuses, as schools can link the cards to students’ identification cards or a campus dollars program.

Another benefit of using machines that accept smart cards is a safer laundry area. Smart card-operated machines are cash-free, so you don’t have to worry about people trying to break into them to steal the coins inside.

3. Evaluate Maintenance Requirements 

Ideally, the laundry equipment will be fully operational nearly 100% of the time. Some brands have better reputations for quality and durability than others, such as Speed Queen and Maytag. These brands are likely to continue to work even in a high-demand environment.

Another thing to consider is whether preventative maintenance is available. Preventative maintenance aims to keep issues, such as machine breakdowns, from occurring. Having a service person periodically inspect the machines will save your company the cost and inconvenience of a breakdown. 

4. Decide Whether It’s Better to Buy or Lease 

In many situations, leasing laundry equipment makes more sense than purchasing it outright. If your business decides to buy washers and dryers, it must pay the total price upfront or get financing to cover the cost. When you lease, you pay over time, which can be a better use of your cash flow or help you balance your budget more efficiently. 

Updating or replacing leased equipment can also be easier as your laundry needs evolve or laundry technology becomes more advanced.

5. Check for Warranties and After-Sales Services

Check the warranty given by the manufacturers you’re considering and make sure you understand what it covers. An excellent after-sales service protects you from the financial burden of complications that may develop after you purchase equipment. Always select manufacturers that provide thorough support and maintenance.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Maintenance

Commercial washers and dryers require routine maintenance to preserve their durability and operation. Daily lint removal and regular maintenance appointments with trained experts are critical to your laundromat’s operation. The frequency of maintenance can differ depending on the type of equipment, the intensity of use and the manufacturer’s instructions, but here are some standard guidelines: 

You can also keep additional servicing parts or even an extra money dispenser in your laundromat’s backroom to minimize downtime if a machine requires service. 

When you work with Caldwell & Gregory, you get more than just a commercial laundry distributor. Our skilled technicians provide clients with the business services necessary to manage a profitable laundry enterprise. We care about our consumers and treat them as individuals rather than numbers. 

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment

As you review your equipment options, there are several key considerations to keep at the top of your mind:

How to Choose a Washer and Dryer

Your specific industry will determine the best commercial washer and dryer for your needs.


When looking for commercial laundry equipment for hotels, you want to choose an option that can easily clean large volumes of sheets, towels, other linens and uniforms. Factors to consider include:


Whether you operate a restaurant or theme park, finding washers and dryers to handle your business’s laundry needs is essential for effective operations. As you look for your machines, think about the:

Sports Management

Keeping uniforms fresh for game day is an essential part of sports management. It would help to have washers and dryers that can easily handle all your laundry requirements. Some considerations include:

Get Washing Machines For Your Laundry Business

Caldwell & Gregory is committed to providing superior customer care and service and the most advanced laundry technology. Whether you need a single commercial washer and dryer set or several hundred, we’ll help you choose the equipment you need for your laundry business. 

Once you’ve chosen your laundry machines, our service program keeps them up and running, so the machines are always ready to go. Contact us today to learn more about leasing commercial equipment.