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Leasing Vended Washers and Dryers 

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Whether your multi-unit housing facility is an apartment complex, condominium community, student housing building or assisted living center, residents expect amenities that meet their needs. Laundry facilities are some of the most important features to renters. Offering convenient, reliable laundry amenities will contribute toward keeping rooms full and solidifying a positive reputation. Plus, washers and dryers can create another revenue stream for the property. 

Leasing equipment is the most cost-effective option for property managers interested in adding or upgrading laundry amenities. At Caldwell & Gregory, we connect property managers with dependable coin- and card-operated laundry equipment. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of laundry equipment leasing in commercial settings. 

Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment Is the Smartest Option

A few key advantages make leasing laundry equipment the ideal solution for many property owners.

For one, leasing equipment lowers your initial investment compared to an outright purchase. Rather than paying a large sum upfront, your business can budget its equipment expenses month to month. The lease structure gives you time for the equipment to generate revenue that contributes toward monthly payments. Purchasing equipment would require you to pull the funds from another revenue stream or borrow money through a loan.

Leasing will also save time and money on maintenance. You can call the company that owns the equipment to perform any necessary repairs. If the equipment’s damage warrants extended downtime, the company can provide a replacement to prevent a coverage gap. 

Another advantage of leasing laundry equipment is that you can deduct lease payments in most situations. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows business owners to deduct equipment payments that are part of a lease agreement.

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Coin-Operated vs. Card-Operated Laundry Equipment

As you consider leasing laundry equipment, you’ll have the choice of coin-operated and card-operated machines. Coin-operated washers and dryers have been the predominant type of vended machine for decades, but the card-operated option has seen a quick rise in popularity. 

Leasing card-operated laundry equipment is ideal today. Rather than inserting coins, users swipe a preloaded card through a reader on the machine. Users can replenish their cards from a physical kiosk, similar to an ATM, or by using a mobile application. Your residents — particularly college students and recent graduates — are less likely to carry cash or change. Card-operated laundry machines offer convenience, encouraging residents to use your appliances instead of taking their laundry to a laundromat. 

However, maintaining coin-operated amenities can still benefit your business. Some residents may prefer the traditional coin-operated approach they have used for decades, so offering a mixture of coin-and card-operated machines will satisfy all of your tenants. 

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Washers and Dryers From Caldwell & Gregory

You can lease coin-operated and card-operated laundry equipment through Caldwell & Gregory. We are a group of dedicated professionals ready to help you customize your shared laundry space. Our leased laundry equipment will fit perfectly with your property and residents. 

When you rent from us, our expertly-trained technicians will provide complimentary delivery and installation. We will also support the longevity of your laundry room by providing ongoing complimentary service maintenance and repairs to the machines.

When you make Caldwell & Gregory your leasing partner, you even have the opportunity to make a profit through our revenue share program, so you can put capital back into your property for development in other areas. You’ll find that our laundry equipment leasing programs come with many benefits and continued support post-rental.

Our Premium Card-operated Laundry Machines

Caldwell & Gregory offers card-operated washers and dryers from the most reputable brands in commercial laundry equipment, including Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. Our bottom- and top-load washers and dryers include various features for convenience and function that your residents expect, as well as others that help you run a profitable operation:

How to Lease Commercial Laundry Machinery With Caldwell & Gregory

If you’re ready to lease with Caldwell & Gregory, we would love to connect with you. A representative will work directly with you to assess your shared laundry space, determine the best brand for your preferences, and help you choose between front-loading vs. top-loading washers and dryers, hard-mount versus soft-mount and mobile payment options. We’ll work to understand your laundry equipment leasing needs and design a solution that fits your situation.

Our sales team of laundry experts will help service your request for commercial washers and dryers today! Give us a call at 877.784.6100 or complete the online request form online today.