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Leasing Commercial Coin-Operated Washer And Dryers

Multi-housing property owners and apartment building managers understand there’s a good deal of planning and upkeep when it comes to sustaining the happiness and comfort of their residents or guests. That effort includes providing the best amenities such as top-quality machines, like coin-operated commercial washers and dryers. 

Outfitting a shared laundry space with new machines, upgrading equipment or adding to existing commercial washers and dryers are all great ways to add value to a property and enhance the laundry experience. The best way to add that value is to lease commercial laundry equipment.

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Why leasing commercial laundry equipment is the smartest option

Commercial laundry equipment leasing for your multi-housing laundry room is the best option to cut back on up-front operating expenses and get your space up and running quickly and efficiently. Our leasing equipment options give business owners flexibility to find the right choice for them.

For most businesses, lease payments are tax deductible which gives them some great tax advantages down the road. We’re here to help meet your laundry equipment leasing needs with our quality, energy-efficient machines.


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The team at Caldwell & Gregory is a group of dedicated professionals who are ready to help you customize your shared laundry space with leased laundry equipment that fits perfectly with your property and residents. At no cost to you, our expertly-trained technicians will deliver and install your washers and dryers. We will also support the longevity of your laundry room by providing ongoing complimentary service maintenance and repairs to the machines.

When you make Caldwell & Gregory your leasing partner, you even have the opportunity to make a profit through our revenue share program, so you can put capital back into your property for development in other areas. You’ll find that our laundry equipment leasing programs come with many benefits and continued support post-rental.


Best features of our premium coin-operated laundry machine brands

Caldwell & Gregory leases only the most reputable brands in commercial laundry equipment including Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. Check out some of the best features of these coin-operated washers and dryers. 

  • Simple-to-use coin drops for quick and easy operating
  • Sturdy and secure coin vaults for theft protection
  • User-friendly display dashboards for custom cycle settings 
  • Durable large-capacity wash tubs for high volume use
  • Powerful, energy-conscious spin cycles for maximized efficiency
  • Easy-to-clean empty lint filters for quick clean-up 
  • Narrow cabinets for saving laundry room space 

While coin-operated laundry equipment provides residents and guests with a sense of familiarity when it comes to doing loads of laundry, we understand that every laundry room has its own needs. If you’re interested in learning more about other payment platform options, discover Caldwell & Gregory’s card-operated laundry equipment for lease.


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How to lease commercial laundry machinery with Caldwell & Gregory

If you’re ready to lease with Caldwell & Gregory, we would love to connect with you. A representative will work directly with you to assess your shared laundry space, determine the best brand for your preferences, and help you choose between front-loading vs. top-loading washers and dryers, along with coin-operated, card-operated and mobile payment options. We’ll work to understand your laundry equipment leasing needs and design a solution that fits your situation.

Our sales team of laundry experts will help service your request today! Give us a call at 877.784.6100 or complete the online request form here.