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Best Preventive Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Machines

Best Preventive Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Machines

A well-maintained laundry machine can serve you for years. Maintaining your commercial laundry equipment saves you lots of money and is much safer. It also reduces downtime, consequently increasing productivity. Among the best maintenance practices are preventive measures to keep your machines running smoothly. With all the benefits preventive maintenance can provide, it’s not surprising that 80% of maintenance personnel prefer preventive care over reactive. 

This article will cover some preventive maintenance tips and guidelines for maintaining your commercial washing machines. 

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What Is Preventive Maintenance of Laundry Machines?

Preventive maintenance is the process of conducting regular and routine maintenance to equipment at scheduled intervals. The aim is to prevent unexpected damage and ensure maximum machine use. 

Generally, preventive commercial washing machine maintenance includes cleaning, rearrangements, repairs, replacements and occasional inspections. These preventive measures differ from reactive maintenance, which fixes problems after they happen.

Reasons to Maintain Laundry Machines

Regular and periodic industrial washing machine maintenance has enormous benefits. Some of these advantages include:

Maintaining Commercial Washing Machines

Maintaining Commercial Washing Machines

Implementing an efficient preventive maintenance program requires planning, discipline and technical knowledge. Here, we’ll address general maintenance tips and those specific to coin-operated laundry machines and app-based machines. 

General Maintenance Tips for Laundry Machines

Some general steps for maintaining industrial laundry equipment include:

  1. Read the manual: Reading the manual is a good starting point. This helps you get familiar with the features of your washers and dryers. It helps to have a good understanding of how the machine operates. The manual provides information about specifications, parts, safety precautions and energy requirements. It also contains some troubleshooting tips. 
  2. Check the exterior: Begin your physical inspection by examining the laundry machine for breaks, cracks and dents. Replace the broken parts with new ones. Determine the cause of the damage and put measures in place to prevent future problems. Also, keep the machines clean. It’ll be easier to notice breaks or leaks, and you’ll prevent debris from damaging the units.
  3. Check the belts: It’s best to replace weak belts before they break. Fix cracked or damaged belts with new ones immediately. Damaged straps prevent the motors from spinning. 
  4. Check the water inlet: Inspect the water inlet hose and filters and clear any blockages. Debris and dirt interfere with water flow. You should also examine the hose for splits and seepage. 
  5. Clean the drums: To prevent breakdowns and odors, keep the drums clean. As a bonus, this preventive maintenance measure can keep your clients satisfied.

Tips for Coin-Operated and App-Based Laundry Machines

When maintaining laundry machines with payment methods, consider these tips:

Other Preventive Maintenance Tips

Here are some other tips that cover how to care for laundry equipment:

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