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The Benefits of Providing Laundry Services as an Added Amenity

In a typical year, Orlando welcomes approximately 70 million tourists to enjoy its popular attractions and famous theme parks. For hotels, motels and apartment rentals, that’s a lot of people to host and a ton of dirty laundry to accommodate. As a property owner or manager responsible for multi-housing laundry resources for guests and residents, you need a professional and experienced partner like Caldwell & Gregory to serve your laundry equipment leasing needs. 

Commercial washer and dryer leasing with Caldwell & Gregory comes with real benefits that will make managing a shared laundry space easier for you and better for your guests and residents. 

Free commercial laundry equipment, installation and maintenance

At Caldwell & Gregory, we proudly offer professional installation of top-quality, high-efficiency washers and dryers, plus ongoing maintenance and repairs at absolutely no cost to you. Not only do we supply cutting-edge technology that provides the most reliable and efficient laundry solutions, we even help with improvements of your laundry room so your guests or residents can have an enjoyable experience. 

High-quality equipment and technology

This is the part your guests or residents will love the most. Caldwell & Gregory leases only the best commercial laundry equipment, so you can be sure your shared laundry space is running reliably. With top brands like Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool, you can choose to fill your laundry room with coin- or card-operated commercial washers and dryers that are even supported by a convenient mobile app for laundry load monitoring and payment. 

Profitable revenue sharing

You might be surprised to learn that there’s an opportunity for you to make money when leasing laundry machinery with Caldwell & Gregory. A generous percentage of income is paid to those involved in the revenue sharing program and flat-rate plans allow multi-housing property owners or managers to keep gross collections from the washers and dryers for just a small monthly machine fee. 

With more than five decades of knowledge and experience in the multi-housing laundry industry, Caldwell & Gregory is ready to provide you with the next refresh of commercial laundry equipment for your Orlando-area property. To get started, reach out to our team or call us at 877.784.6100


As an essential service provider during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Caldwell & Gregory, is committed to maintaining our service and is dedicated to the safety and welfare of our employees and customers. 

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Don Hughes
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Don Hughes
Covers the benefits of adding laundry services and machines to a multi-housing building like an apartment or hotel. Benefits include high-quality equipment and profitable revenue sharing
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