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Our Laundry Technology

Caldwell & Gregory delivers commercial laundry solutions to academic buildings, multi-housing complexes, apartment buildings or any place you need new laundry technology. If you want to upgrade your commercial laundry program, we have easy management systems and the best solutions to fit your needs.

As an expert laundry equipment supplier, Caldwell & Gregory has a team of specialists ready to support you each step of the way. We listen to your needs and everything you have on your laundry wish list. Do you want seamless payment methods or access to highly trained technicians for repairs and maintenance?

The team members at Caldwell & Gregory are your go-to commercial laundry professionals. We work with you to determine the best solution for your applications, even if that means designing a custom solution. We focus on meeting your facility, budget, technological needs, space and more to create smart laundry rooms that deliver a high return on investment (ROI) and are easy for your tenants to operate.

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Smartphone App Laundry Payment Systems

One of the biggest hassles for college students and tenants is obtaining coins to do laundry. Another hassle is not knowing when their load is complete. Most people set timers for the estimated cycle length but often end up waiting in the laundry room until the machine is finally ready.

Fortunately, you can forget those struggles with our laundry view monitoring system. Caldwell & Gregory offers a smartphone application for both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to complete an entire day of washing and drying with your phone, which is undoubtedly more convenient than a coin-only machine.

It’s a customizable app for your laundry program that includes the following features:

Our Technology Capabilities — Smartphone Innovation

Each type of innovation is built into each of our machines. You can start washing and drying machines with your phone and view which ones are available up to the minute, meaning no more waiting by the machines until someone’s load is finished to claim one for yourself. You can also see the status of your laundry without running to the laundry room every few moments. This built-in technology within the app allows your phone to communicate with individual washers and dryers.

Within the app, you can remotely see which machines are available and plan your day around when to add laundry and when the machine will finish. When the cycle is near completion, you can opt for an email or text notification. These notifications mean no more going back and forth to the laundry room to check the cycle status.

With our commercial laundry solutions, laundry room management is made easy. Our front and top-load washers and front-load dryers are highly reliable. We understand that the uptime of a machine is crucial because it means more money is generated by accomplishing more cycles. We offer the finest technology by partnering with tech companies like Transacr, Alliance and CBORD to gain insight and knowledge into our payment platforms and tech programs.

Benefits of a Phone-Based Payment Platform

Our laundry app for apartments accepts coins, cards and app-based payments. At Caldwell & Gregory, we know how much of a hassle it can be to go to an ATM, take out cash and go to a change machine to get coins. You don’t have to worry about changing out dollars or topping up a laundry card you can misplace or lose. While we offer coins as an option, our smartphone app laundry payment makes it most accessible and easy for individuals to pay using a credit card, student card or in-app payments.

The payment app is similar to a mobile wallet and simplifies the payment process. You can store funds on the application to pay for laundry cycles or add a credit or debit card to your profile so that it saves for future top-ups. When you run low on funds, simply add a select amount of funds you want to the wallet with your connected card and you’re set.

Everything is easily accessible to deliver an incredible customer experience.

Besides offering end users convenience and a more efficient laundry experience, our advanced systems enable building managers and property owners to reduce labor costs. Our technology allows personnel to remotely monitor machine activity and receive alerts when equipment needs servicing or water levels require adjustments. These innovative features also provide machine performance analysis so managers can add equipment and make other adjustments based on user needs. 

Advanced Encryption

Our phone-based laundry systems use state-of-the-art encryption to enhance privacy and security, creating a safer, more reliable user experience. This advanced technology offers various advantages, including:

How to Effortlessly Pay for and Do Laundry With Our Solutions

Caldwell & Gregory is a technology solutions provider delivering outstanding customer service. Our pay program makes doing laundry a seamless activity. We lease laundry equipment and manage all service and technology-related aspects. Whether you need an entire laundry room outfitted or are looking for only a few machines, our products can support your requirements.

We also dedicate our resources to preventative maintenance to ensure that each washer and dryer in your unit works long-term to generate high revenue. Our committed team works side-by-side with our service techs. This partnership ensures that each machine stays in operating condition while also helping prevent serious issues from arising in the future.

Supporting your needs is a core component of our approach. When it comes to laundry, bigger isn’t always better, so Caldwell & Gregory focuses on personal service. We even provide educational videos and instructional signs to help your residents learn more about using our machines and phone applications. With helpful steps and information at their fingertips, users will find the process easier than ever.

Using the Caldwell & Gregory Laundry App

Caldwell & Gregory’s laundry app connects users to our network of smart-technology laundry machines. Users download the app and create an account for easy access. Once registered, they can locate nearby machines, check availability, start their laundry, and monitor a washer or dryer through the app.

Using the machines is essentially the same as conventional washing and drying methods. However, some laundry rooms may have specific instructions for their equipment, including detergent types, load sizes and water temperatures. The app simplifies the laundry process by allowing users to manage each step from their smartphones, providing convenience and control over their laundry experience.

Using Caldwell & Gregory’s laundry app is as easy as following a few simple steps:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Add your location PIN from the signs in the laundry room.
  4. Select your specific laundry room from the dropdown list.
  5. View all the available machines.
  6. Pay for your cycle using various payment methods.
  7. Select your notification options.

Upgrade Your Laundry Technology

Upgrading your traditional laundry room to one that’s simple and convenient for students or tenants to operate can lead to ease of mind and an influx of revenue. We pride ourselves as industry leaders paving the way in customer service. The benefits of using phone-based payments and smart technology make everyone’s life easier and daily tasks less of a hassle.

Caldwell & Gregory offers 24/7 customer support from our representative and service technicians who have acquired the Maytag Ref Carpet Service® certification. This certification ensures rapid and accurate repairs to laundry equipment, no matter the system model.

Contact our dedicated team to learn more about our commercial laundry services or browse our technology solutions.