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The Cost of Commercial Washing Machines 

Whether you’re just starting out or replacing older equipment, there are many factors to consider when searching for the right commercial washer and dryer options. One of the biggest considerations is deciding whether you want to buy or lease your machinery. Both buying and leasing commercial laundry equipment have their strengths and weaknesses, so the best choice will depend on your situation. 

When outfitting your business with new commercial washers and dryers, you must conduct the proper research to ensure you’re making cost-efficient decisions beneficial to your operation and your facility’s residents. Several critical factors that weigh heavily on your decision include your budget, the number of machines you need and whether you have the time and resources to maintain the equipment.

Cost of Commercial Laundry Equipment

The market for laundromat machines includes models from countless manufacturers, including big names like Whirlpool and Maytag. While they all accomplish the same tasks, each variant differs in configuration, speed features, sensors and other components. These differences often have a major impact on purchase prices, and can even affect eventual maintenance and repair expenses. Understanding what costs to expect before buying your machines can help you choose an option that makes the most sense for your business. 

Washing Machine and Commercial Dryer Costs 

High-quality washing and drying machines for laundromats typically range from $800 to $2,600 or more depending on the brand, model and included features. Maytag and Speed Queen are often the more expensive options, while Whirlpool provides premium machines at cost-effective prices. Since commercial machines see high-volume use, purchasing from a reliable brand is a wise decision. They’ll often come with higher-quality parts and more robust operating systems, meaning they’ll likely require fewer repairs over the long haul.

Remember that when purchasing commercial laundry equipment, low-cost washing machines or dryers are not always better. While it might save you some capital in the short term, you’ll likely need to invest a lot more in repairs and maintenance. Washers and dryers also come in various sizes. Incorrectly sized units for your space will affect your operation’s efficiency and lead to higher utility bills. A laundromat expert will be able to provide location-specific sizing information to ensure you invest in the right tool. 

Preventive Maintenance Tips

Life Expectancies of Commercial Washers and Dryers

Most commercial laundromat equipment lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 years, depending on use and maintenance. This usually means that you can get 5,000 to 8,000 loads out of a single machine before it’s time to replace it. While commercial laundry machines are specially manufactured for rigorous and repetitive use, they still require routine servicing to run at their best. We recommend performing machine maintenance at least twice a year to minimize the risk of breakdowns and keep things running smoothly. 

Is It Worth Buying a New Commercial Washer and Dryer?

Outfitting your laundromat with new equipment requires a significant investment of time and money. Laundromat owners can typically cover the higher down payments and repair costs significantly faster because the equipment’s continued use generates an increased revenue stream. However, the process is extremely different than that of creating a laundry room for a college, university or residential building. 

Instead, you can lease your equipment from dependable providers like Caldwell & Gregory. We provide unrivaled access to top-of-the-line machines from brands like Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool, backed by a personalized agreement that addresses your needs. Choose from card- or coin-operated options and leave installation, repairs and ongoing maintenance to our team of expert technicians. 

Our primary goal is to provide top-class customer service while giving you the individualized attention you deserve, regardless of your operation’s size. Visit our FAQ page to get more answers to your laundry questions!

Hard-Mount vs Soft-Mount Washers

Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment With Caldwell & Gregory

If you’d like to learn more about washer and dryer leasing with Caldwell & Gregory, contact us online or call 877-784-6100 today. Our expert team can set you up with the best commercial laundry machines and dryers for your shared laundry room. We specialize in energy efficiency with commercial washers and dryers, so reach out to see how we can help!

As an essential service provider during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Caldwell & Gregory is committed to maintaining our service and is dedicated to the safety and welfare of our employees and customers. 

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The Cost of Commercial Washers and Dryers
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The Cost of Commercial Washers and Dryers
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