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Upgrading Your Multi-Housing Laundry Room

How to Upgrade Your Multi-Housing Laundry Room

Does your multi-housing laundry room need an upgrade? Are your laundry machines outdated and inefficient? Do you want to increase overall tenant satisfaction and decrease unit turnover? Upgrading your laundry room can make a huge difference in its efficiency and even its aesthetics. With that in mind, we compiled a few tips on how to upgrade your multi-housing laundry room for apartment managers or owners considering improving this communal space. 

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Get Tenant Feedback

What better place to start with upgrading the multi-housing laundry room than getting tenant feedback? They are the ones who use the communal laundry room and can thus provide some valuable insights. Determine how you can better address their requirements while making the area more appealing. Take some time to talk with your tenants before anything else. You can either speak to your tenants or conduct a survey to gather their thoughts and potential solutions. 

Ask your tenants what needs improved or what they’d want to see in the laundry space. Apartment laundry solutions can include:

Listening to your current tenants’ needs will make them feel heard, appreciated and happy. If you consider their requests and suggestions, laundry room upgrades may decrease unit turnover as per tenants’ needs. And potential renters want the same things from their laundry room, so you’re also laying the groundwork for future success. 

Add More Machines

Adding more washing machines and dryers may be the best laundry room upgrade you invest in — especially if you have a limited number of machines while experiencing an excessive demand for them. 

Decrease wait periods and spare your tenants’ patience from waiting for access to a washer or dryer by adding more machines. Suppose there’s a limited amount of machines. In that case, these wait periods can significantly accumulate when the laundry equipment requires servicing or tenants must wait for their neighbors to empty the dryer. 

Adding more machines in your multi-housing building’s communal laundry room cuts wait times and creates a more seamless laundry experience for your renters. If you have limited room, a space-saving apartment laundry room idea is to stack washing machines and dryers on each other. 

Search for quality laundry room distributors, as there are a few things to consider before investing in additional machines. Contact a commercial washing equipment distributor after receiving feedback from your tenants. 

Upgrade Your Equipment

The most crucial aspect of laundry room management is reliable and efficient equipment and machines. There are various signs to upgrade laundry equipment — from outdated machines nearing the end of their life span to an increase in tenants in your multi-housing building. Other factors to include when considering upgrading your equipment are increased utility costs and service requests from old and less efficient machines. Inefficient equipment can cost you more in the long run. 

For example, if washing machines or dryers are under service, it will result in equipment downtime, disrupt tenants’ laundry schedules and cost you time and money. While the cost of new laundry equipment is an investment, there are tips for choosing commercial laundry machines that suit your multi-housing building and its tenants’ needs. Choose from a knowledgeable and reliable distributor that offers different payment plans as well as quality and durable laundry equipment. 

Add Technology

Add Technology

Washing machines and dryers have come a long way. Modern technology facilitates ease while also saving you and your residents money. Consider new machines with technology that allows tenants to use their cell phones to make payments, get notifications and submit requests, reducing wait times and other inconveniences. 

Tenants can pay with credit or debit cards since most people don’t carry coins or cash anymore — which can reduce coin collection for you. While renovating the on-site laundry space, consider adding technologies that tenants would like and that would keep them safe. Energy-efficient lighting, Wi-Fi in the laundry room and other communal spaces and security cameras are all good ideas. You can even install air filters and additional cleaning and sanitation technologies to ensure the health and safety of your residents. 

Technology can improve tenant satisfaction, resulting in fewer complaints and unit turnover. It may also be a big selling point when renting out vacant units. 

Focus on Efficiency

The laundry industry has made great strides in energy efficiency. Suppose your laundry equipment requires replacement. In that case, you might be amazed at how much money you save on utility bills, thanks to sophisticated features like auto shutdown, auto water leak detection, low power mode and programmable water levels. Additionally, you can provide a guideline to tenants with laundry equipment efficiency best practices

The efficiency guideline can include encouraging using cold water over hot water, implementing proper loading techniques and measuring detergent so each cycle properly washes the tenant’s laundry. 

You should also consider how environmentally friendly the equipment is. Try choosing laundry machinery that saves water and energy while minimizing monthly bills. Temperature control, water levels and spin cycles may affect how much energy your facility needs. 

Prioritize Safety

Making improvements to the equipment and architecture of your apartment’s communal laundry room is an excellent opportunity to implement some security upgrades. Apartment managers should keep their residents safe, and regulating safety in communal areas is crucial. Establishing a secure entry to the laundry room, installing security cameras and choosing non-slip flooring may make tenants feel comfortable using the on-site laundry room. 

Prioritizing safety can increase tenant satisfaction and decrease unit turnover. Safety features may also differentiate you from the competition. 

Make It Feel Homey 

Remember that your apartment complex’s laundry room is an extension of your tenants’ personal living space. With that in mind, go the extra mile to make it a welcoming, usable environment. Start with the basics before considering the aesthetics of the laundry room space. Consider including some elements you’d find in a standard home laundry room, such as a utility sink, a drying rack and a few folding tables for your tenants’ convenience. 

These are useful since room for hand-washing and folding may not be accessible in tiny apartments. Consider the general flow of the area and reconfigure it to decrease congestion and enhance mobility at peak times. 

After that, examine the space’s aesthetics. A new coat of paint, some artwork, flowers or plants and even furniture may help make the communal space more appealing to current and future residents. Seating gives residents a place to relax while they wait for their laundry to finish up, for instance.

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