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Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment Technology – Things to Look For

Technology continues to change our world to make our everyday lives easy, efficient and convenient, and the way we handle chores is no exception. Doing laundry has come a long way from the time our ancestors scrubbed clothes in the river. Laundry equipment technology has since experienced a remarkable transformation. 

As an apartment complex owner or manager looking for ways to upgrade your multi-housing laundry room with modern technology, it can be challenging to know what to look for, especially when you’re dealing with other day-to-day property management tasks. We’ve put together some key things to consider when upgrading your multi-housing laundry equipment.

4 Things to Consider

While your initial concern might be the number of machines you need or what kind of equipment you should invest in to keep residents happy, it’s just as important to consider what commercial laundry equipment technology you’ll implement to maximize your profit. Here is an overview of four factors to consider:

1. Sustainability

Your 10-year-old laundry equipment may still run, but it doesn’t mean the machines operate effectively. Sustainability is an important factor with new technology. New energy-efficient laundry machines provide several benefits:

With new laundry equipment technology, your tenants will be able to run bigger loads in the same amount of time (or less) at lower costs to you. Look for energy-efficient machines, and you’ll increase your profits without compromising on performance.

2. Payment Options

Payment systems have advanced from cash and coins to bank cards and smartphones. When looking to upgrade your laundry room equipment, it only makes sense to choose machines that have improved payment systems, too. Here’s what to consider:

Depending on the demographics of your residents, giving them multiple payment options will attract new people to use your laundry room while keeping your “old customers” happy.

3. Internet Integration

Integrating the power of the internet takes laundry equipment technology to new levels of productivity and comfort. Laundry applications, such as the Speed Queen app, are game changers for property managers and apartment residents alike. Through desktop or smart devices, this technology lets you:

Adding smart laundry equipment for multi-housing complexes

By adding smart laundry equipment to your multi-housing complex, you can offer an enhanced laundry experience for your tenants that will help you attract and retain more laundry room users. Their interconnected devices will help them track wash cycles and machine availability without having to make multiple trips.

4. Downtime and Maintenance

While new laundry machines are made from stronger materials and tend to last longer, they can still break down and suffer wear and tear from overuse. A broken machine lowers efficiency and means additional work for you. With internet integration, the same laundry applications can link to the diagnostic monitoring systems in smart laundry machines. Here’s how it works:

Adding machines with this level of technology will make proactive maintenance a possibility, minimizing downtime and saving resources that would otherwise have been wasted inspecting machines and calling technicians. You can get the ball rolling before residents know there’s an issue.

How Laundry Technology Is Changing

Looking at how laundry technology is changing and the trends for the future, laundry solutions for apartments will keep its focus on factors regarding sustainability and smart devices. Environmental issues will continue to impact the industry, meaning laundry machine technology will advance to improve its impact on energy usage and water consumption. The Internet of Things may be so well established by 2030 that machines will be able to read textile tags and choose the best washing program for that particular fabric.

Convenience will also remain a major factor for multi-housing laundry rooms. Property owners and managers who fail to keep up with technological advances will lose income from residents choosing laundromats outside the complex. People with busy schedules are looking for ways to expedite their chores — they have limited time to wait in line for the next available machine or run to an ATM for coins.

The Benefits of Our Technology

As an unparalleled leader in the laundry management industry, we ensure your apartment complex laundry room has the best technology and payment platforms that meet your residents’ needs. Here are some benefits of using our innovative laundry technology:

Streamline Your Laundry Technology With Caldwell & Gregory

You want individualized attention and solutions for your laundry room, just like your residents want to feel included and their laundry needs attended to. Regardless of the size of your multi-housing living facility, we will deliver the most practical and innovative laundry equipment fit for your bottom line.

It’s becoming more common to use laundry machines with wireless integrations and cutting-edge technology. As technology develops, the trend of green laundry handling convenience will continue. Make sure you stay one step ahead of the trends. Let us know how we can help, and get in touch with us today.