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How to Set Up a Multi-Housing Laundry Room

The proper setup of a shared laundry space and the installation of top-quality, high-efficiency washers and dryers can add value to your multi-housing property and improve the overall quality of life for your guests or residents. You want to make laundry day as simple and enjoyable as possible, so there are a few things to know before getting started.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best practices for setting up multi-housing commercial laundry, so you make the best use of your space, increase your return on investment and meet user demands.

Table of Contents

1. Size Up Your Laundry Room

Noting the size of your available space gives you a clear insight into your commercial laundry room’s design and the number of washers and dryers you’ll need.

For starters, complete a detailed assessment of your multi-housing laundry room by taking precise measurements of the space and observing areas that would obstruct the installation of the washing and drying machines. Are there adequate utilities? What payment system works best for your residents? These considerations can guide you in creating a working system.

2. Determine the Number of Laundry Machines and the Layout

Based on the measurements of your available space, determine the amount of laundry equipment you will need to adequately accommodate your guests or residents. As a pro tip, focus on reducing wait times by getting enough machines running. This creates a seamless experience for users. Securing more equipment also puts less wear on each machine, allowing them to last longer.

3. Consider User Comfort

The laundry area is an extension of the residents’ living space. So, it may be necessary to consider features common in a standard home laundry room, like utility sinks, folding tables and drying racks. Also, arrange equipment to reduce congestion and improve movement during busy hours. You can make the space useful without comprising design — all you need to do is to plan thoroughly and develop a working system.

4. Research Available Commercial Laundry Equipment 

There are many commercial washing machine brands out there, and it can be hard to know where to find the most reliable but affordable models. Do your research, understand your options and calculate your budget to narrow your search and find the best equipment for your multi-housing laundry room.

You may browse the internet and compare products from different companies. You should always check out customer testimonials or reviews to learn more about the business and its services. Partnering with professionals who have exceptional customer relations and high-quality products is always recommended.

Choose technologically advanced laundry machines

5. Choose Technologically Advanced Machines

Setting up or upgrading your multifamily laundry systems goes beyond the physical space and design. It’s also about choosing suitable machines that meet your needs and satisfy the users. That being said, one vital thing to consider is technology. Modern washers and dryers are designed to make life better for everyone.

Most modern laundry machines are eco-friendly and safe and have excellent energy-saving capabilities. They allow you to reduce costs incurred on electricity bills and maintenance. Some laundry systems have smart features, enabling multiple payment options, remote control, real-time updates and automatic self-diagnostic service reporting notifications. These improve customer satisfaction and make doing laundry simpler and more convenient.

6. Prioritize Flexible Payment Options

There are many benefits to choosing laundry washers and dryers with flexible payment options. For example, they streamline client payment and allow you to track your finances efficiently. 

Commercial laundry machines can be vended or unvended, depending on the arrangements with the residents. Traditional vended laundry machines accept coins, but some modern versions have other capabilities. With a laundry payment app, users can conveniently make payments with their smartphones. Users may also use credit or debit cards or coins if those are the preferred options.

7. Get to Work Installing the Washers and Dryers

Once you’ve determined what you need and ordered them, the tricky part will probably be the installation. These machines are heavy, so ensure you have enough help to support the setup process.

Partnering with a trusted distributor that provides delivery, installation and consultation services makes things easy. That’s why it’s crucial to search for a company with services as that are as high-quality as the products they offer.


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It’s important to us that your guests or residents have an enjoyable experience when using our leased equipment, which is why we also ensure our dedicated team of technicians supports you in handling maintenance and repairs throughout your lease period.

You may tackle the setup of a shared laundry room on your own. Yet, with Caldwell & Gregory, it’s simple, reliable and convenient. It just makes sense. We also offer an opportunity for you to make money through our revenue share program!

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The most crucial decision when setting up your multi-house laundry room is choosing a service and product provider. The right laundry equipment partner offers high-quality, technologically advanced products at competitive prices. They provide practical and customized solutions in addition to exceptional customer service.

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