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How to Set Up a Multi-Housing Laundry Room

The proper setup of a shared laundry space and the installation of top-quality, high-efficiency washers and dryers can result in added value to your multi-housing property and the overall improved quality of life for your guests or residents. You want to make laundry day as simple and enjoyable as possible, so there are a few things to know before getting started.

Table of Contents

Size up your laundry room

Complete a detailed assessment of your multi-housing laundry room by taking precise measurements of the space and observing areas that would obstruct the installation of the washing and drying machines. Are there adequate utilities? What payment system works best for your residents?

Determine the number of laundry machines and the layout

Based on the measurements of your available space, determine the number of machines you predict will be needed to properly accommodate your guests or residents.

Research available commercial laundry equipment 

There are many commercial washing machine brands out there and it’s hard to know where to find the most reliable but affordable models. Do your research, understand your options and calculate your budget to narrow your search and find the equipment that’s best for your multi-housing laundry room.

Get to work installing the washers and dryers

Once you’ve ordered your washers and dryers, the tough part will be the installation of the equipment. These machines are heavy, so make sure you have enough help to support the setup process.


Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment with Caldwell & Gregory

With all of this in mind, the best advice we can provide is to consider Caldwell & Gregory as a partner for washer and dryer leasing. When you lease from Caldwell & Gregory, not only do we complete the professional installation of the laundry machinery free of charge, we also love helping our clients improve the overall appearance and design of their laundry rooms. It’s important to us that your guests or residents have an enjoyable experience when using our leased equipment, which is why we also ensure you’re supported by our dedicated team of technicians to handle maintenance and repairs throughout your lease period.

Sure, you can tackle the set up of a shared laundry room on your own, but with Caldwell & Gregory it’s simple, reliable and convenient. It just makes sense. We even offer an opportunity for you to make money through our revenue share program.

Caldwell & Gregory is the top choice among commercial laundry equipment suppliers in Florida. We’d love to work with you to complete a full installation and great-looking setup of your laundry machinery. To get started, send an email to [email protected] call us at 877.784.6100 or complete the proposal form here.