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Preparing Your College Campus Laundry Rooms for the Future

From getting good grades to juggling hectic schedules, college students have multiple worries — and laundry is one of them. Fortunately, more colleges are moving to on-site laundry rooms on campus or in dorm buildings. But even then, students still deal with long wait times, payment issues or malfunctions that limit machine availability. With assignments piling up and a busy social calendar to attend to, students have better things to do than wait around a laundry room all day.

What can you do to prepare your college campus for the future of laundry and create a hassle-free experience for students and campus staff? Let’s look at what you can expect to implement.

An Overview of Campus Laundry

University leaders put a lot of effort into the college experience, providing students with comfortable and safe dorm rooms, nutritious meal options and fun extracurricular activities. Students can easily wash three to four loads of laundry every week. And since it costs about $1.50 to wash one load and another $1.50 to dry, students need to budget between $9 and $12 per week for laundry.

Laundry takes a lot of energy and time to accomplish. These concerns can add to students’ frustration levels. 

It’s Time to Upgrade University Laundry Rooms

Providing reliable laundry equipment and solutions on campus will lead to fewer headaches for your staff and students. Instead of adding maintenance to your to-do list, you can partner with a laundry management service provider that stays ahead of the latest industry technology. When you upgrade university laundry rooms, you receive the necessary resources, tools and convenience that will encourage students to use them.

The Benefits of Improved Laundry Tech Trends

Contrary to misconceptions, leasing equipment and technology from a laundry management company can lower your capital expense and offer more support. These lease agreements often come with laundry programs that provide quality, high-efficiency equipment.

There are many other benefits to creating an on-site laundry room and partnering with a laundry management company to fill it with technologically advanced equipment.

Set up Your Campus for the Future With Caldwell & Gregory

The future of campus laundry is exciting and filled with many technological capabilities, from smart washing machines to laundry apps as the dominant and preferred payment option for college campuses. Caldwell & Gregory offers laundry services for administrators, students and resident assistants, providing resources you need to stay ahead of laundry tech trends.

Learn more about our higher education programs by getting in touch with us. One of our laundry experts will follow up with you.