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How to Keep Students Happy While Using Laundry Machines

How to Keep Students Happy While Using Laundry Machines

College is fun and exciting. Many students live independently from their parents for the first time, which means they have lots of life lessons to learn outside the classroom. Laundry can be one of those areas.

The average college student must wash their clothes, towels and bedding once a week, and many need help figuring out the process. Here’s what you can do for them.

Keep Your Machines up to Date and Running

Upkeep is essential for appliances like washers and dryers. Caring for laundry machines plays a critical role in preserving their longevity. Let’s look at some college laundry room preventive maintenance tips. 

1. Read the Manual

Maintaining your laundry machines does not need any guesswork, as nothing is more precise than the user manual. No one understands your appliances better than the manufacturer, so why not follow their instructions?

In the manual, you can read about the maintenance tasks you should do. You can also find all the steps for professional cleaning. Look for tune-up guidelines to keep the machines in top condition and available for student use for as long as possible. 

2. Clean the Doors and Drums

Ensuring laundry machines are in perfect condition also includes cleaning them. For instance, the gasket between a washing machine’s drum and door requires regular cleaning. This component collects dirt, hair, loose threads and other debris, which can eventually cause issues like leaks and water damage. You should also check for soap scum and buildup, as these factors can quickly become problematic. It’s a laundry room best practice to wipe down the machines at least once a week. 

3. Remove Lint

Lint buildup is an inevitable side effect of doing laundry. Though dryers have a lint trap, students who are new to washing their clothes might not realize they should clean this component out. While lint may seem harmless, it can be a fire hazard. Accumulated lint in dryer vents combines with heat and friction, making it a leading source of fires. That’s why removing it is vital.

Remove Lint

4. Inspect the Hoses

A well-functioning washing machine can wash clothes and drain water. However, when the drum is not functioning well, it will not fill or drain. Students will notice and complain if their laundry doesn’t get clean. You can also expect much higher water bills. 

Avoiding this issue requires regular checks of the inlet and outlet hoses, which allow water to enter the washing machines. You can also prevent appliance leaks and damage by conducting routine hose inspections. 

Educate Students on How to Do Laundry 

Many college students are laundry novices, so teaching them about the ins and outs of washing will ensure they understand everything they need to do and help you avoid challenges that can cause problems for your machines. 

The first practice students should know is sorting their dirty clothes into different piles based on color and fabrics. They should separate light and dark colors — piling them into the washer together will make white clothes look dingy over time. Lightweight and heavy clothes should also be separate. Following this rule is essential, as rough textures or zippers damage delicate materials and lead to issues such as rips. 

Students should know how to interpret the symbols on clothing tags. Put up posters in the laundry room that explain what different laundry symbols mean. Include information about the correct detergents and temperatures for washing various fabrics. Offer assistance through easily accessible contact information for maintenance or troubleshooting.

Cleaning out the lint trap is not only your responsibility. Students should also check the lint trap every time they use the dryer to ensure their clothes do not come out covered with fuzz. 

Make Your Community Laundry Room More Inviting

If you want your dorm laundry rooms to be the go-to place for students, you will have to invest in making the area look as welcoming as possible. What changes can you adopt to achieve this goal?

1. Invest in Adequate Lighting and Ventilation

Building managers should consider adding more lighting to laundry rooms. A dimly lit space makes it harder for students to see what they’re doing. A dark laundry room also feels unsafe, which may discourage students from using your facilities. You must invest in modern laundry room lighting to increase revenue and reduce safety issues. Improve ventilation to combat humidity and odors, making the space more pleasant for everyone and making students comfortable doing their laundry on campus instead of taking it off-site. 

2. Install Energy-Efficient Washers and Dryers

College students are acutely aware of eco-conscious practices, as many of them have grown up taking sensible measures like recycling. One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by investing in modern, energy-efficient washers and dryers. Besides being greener, Energy Star machines can slash your college’s electricity and water bills. 

Another advantage of using modern machines is that technological problems are easier to solve. Technicians can quickly resolve issues as they arise, and it’s likely the parts you need will be available and in stock.

3. Create Ambiance 

Paint the laundry room walls with vibrant and inviting colors to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Display inclusive signage that promotes a sense of community and respect for all users, and consider playing background music or installing TVs to create a more enjoyable experience.

4. Accept Mobile Payments

Most college students are used to the convenience of mobile payments. They may not carry the exact change needed to operate older washers and dryers. The newest models let students pay via a smartphone app or debit card. Your laundry app can also give students real-time updates when machines are available, eliminating long wait times.

Create a Laundry Room Students Appreciate

Create a Laundry Room Students Appreciate

The college experience is stressful enough for students, so why not present it as a space where laundry is a smooth, anxiety-free process? Making laundry more approachable is the first step.

A vital part of making students happy is having well-functioning machines. Caldwell & Gregory can help you maintain your equipment. Contact us today to learn how to improve laundry room student satisfaction