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What to Look for When Buying Laundry Equipment for a Hotel

What to Look for When Buying Laundry Equipment for a Hotel

Washers and dryers come in many forms, so picking the right commercial laundry equipment for your hotel is paramount. Hotels go through hundreds or even thousands of pounds of bedsheets and towels daily, while guests also often wonder how to do laundry in a hotel room. Although some hotels outsource their laundry, most hotels do have laundry rooms, and guests often have the option to use the hotel’s facilities to wash their clothes. This concise guide explains what kind of equipment you need for your hotel’s specific size, demographic and preferences.

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How to Identify the Right Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Hotel

The demand for hotel rooms is expected to reach an unprecedented high in 2024, so having on-premises or self-service laundry facilities is more beneficial to hoteliers now than ever before. When choosing laundry equipment to furnish these facilities, hotels should note their available space, guest demographics, budget and ultimate intent while planning their purchases and setup. Ultimately, getting a laundry room right is about striking the perfect balance between pleasing your guests and maximizing benefits to the hotel as a business.

Meet the Laundry Needs of Your Hotel and Your Guests

To choose the best laundry equipment for your hotel, consider your facility’s size and your guests’ demographics:

What to Look for in a Commercial Washing Machine

Once you’ve decided how to set up your hotel’s laundry facilities, it’s time to select your hotel’s laundry equipment. If you’re buying or leasing washers and dryers, it’s best to make full use of what technological innovation in the laundry space has to offer. Picking modern, efficient equipment will impress your guests and help future-proof your facility. Here are six ways to buy the right laundry equipment for your hotel:

1. Select Durable and Reliable Washers and Dryers

If you’re washing and drying a large quantity of linens on-site every day, you’ll need to choose laundry machines that can handle that kind of vigorous use easily and repeatedly. Commercial and industrial washing machines are built to withstand the high volume of laundry hotels need to get done, so they are the optimal pick whether your hotel has staff laundering guests’ clothes or whether the guests do it themselves. If your machines are reliable, you’ll always have spare towels and linens on hand, you’ll save money on repairs, guests will trust and use your vended facilities, and your staff will be able to work more efficiently.

Reliable and durable washing machines should have:

2. Pick Laundry Machines With Optimal Capacity

Capacity is a crucial factor to consider when picking a fleet of washers. Industrial machines used to clean hotel-owned linens typically require a larger capacity, while vended machines’ capacities can be lower as they handle one load of guest laundry at a time. If you run a large hotel, industrial washing machines may prove essential. Here are some quick calculations that give us insight into how much capacity is needed for different-sized hotels: 

3. Prioritize Energy and Water Efficiency

What laundry detergents hotels use, how much they pay their staff and the money that goes into repairs and maintenance all contribute to the cost of managing a laundry facility. As a business, your hotel can make washing clothes and linens much more cost-effective by choosing machines that use water and energy efficiently. Here are some things to look for in energy- and water-efficient laundry equipment:

Front-loader washing machines

4. Choose Washing Machines With Smart Technology

In vended laundry rooms, using up-to-date technology is essential to keep your guests satisfied and your facility running smoothly. Pick washers and dryers that allow guests to pay for and track their laundry through a mobile app to provide the best service possible. The best apps let guests customize their laundry preferences from their smartphones for a streamlined, simplified and bespoke experience and offer 24/7 customer support.

One innovative app-based laundry solution that offers all these perks is the Speed Queen laundry app. Users can pay via the app using debit cards or credit cards, or they can use a prepaid laundry allowance at the hotel’s discretion. Machines are seamlessly linked to the app and its user, offering custom programming options, timers and completion notifications — with around-the-clock customer service.

5. Buy Laundry Equipment From Reputable, Trusted Brands

Select a reputable brand that offers the whole package — a wide selection of durable, reliable and efficient machines that save hotels money and make guests’ lives better. Crucially, the brand you choose must offer exemplary support, from maintenance to repairs. This is especially important for hotels, as laundry equipment needs to work all the time, every time, to keep guests impressed.

How to Get Your Laundry Facility Set Up for Success

How to Get Your Laundry Facility Set Up for Success

Caldwell & Gregory has provided expert laundry facility services to commercial clients for over 30 years and is at the forefront of technology in the industry. We design and furnish your laundry facility according to your hotel’s specific needs, install equipment from the industry’s leading brands and have unrivaled dedication to customer support. To set up the perfect laundry facility for your hotel from start to finish, contact us online today.