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Laundry Card Return & Exchange

Laundry Card Procedure

Is your laundry card defective and not working properly? We are here to help you get a replacement card!

Please check with your property manager or Leasing Office to see if they have a replacement card or purchase a new card from the machine and we will cover the actual cost of the card, minus the value on card. For any other questions, please contact us directly.

Once we receive your defective card in the mail, we will send you back a new card* (or your original card if we are able to reprogram it) with the appropriate value. Since the replacement card you received from the management office has value on it, the card you receive back from us will be for your original card value, minus the value of the replacement card. If your original card value was less than the replacement card, we will not send a new card back and you may keep the replacement card on us.

*If your building is equipped with a CBR code based revalue station, we will contact you and send you a code to transfer the appropriate value from your defective card to your replacement card instead of sending you a new card in the mail. 

Please send cards to
Card Services
129 Broad Street Road,
Suite A
Manakin-Sabot VA 23103

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