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Penn State University Gets A New Spin On Student Laundry
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Penn State and Caldwell & Gregory Partnership

FEBRUARY 1, 2021 

Penn State University is bringing exciting new technology to its campus laundry facilities that will greatly improve student convenience and safety. In partnership with Caldwell & Gregory and Alliance Laundry Systems, PSU is implementing the Speed Queen laundry App which allows students to view machine availability prior to making a trip to the laundry room. Combined with the ability to use students’ id+ Cards for payment, PSU is providing cutting edge technology and convenience to make laundry chores quick and easy. 

With the Speed Queen App, students can quickly determine how many machines are available and when machines currently in use will be finished in order to efficiently plan. This eliminates wasted trips to the laundry room only to find all machines busy. This technology also gives students an excellent tool for Social Distancing, allowing them to determine when rooms are less busy, minimizing close contact with other users.  

The app also allows students to be notified when machines become available as well as when their machines have completed their cycle. This benefits current and future users by minimizing time clothing remains in machines after cycle completion.   

The Speed Queen app is free and easy to use This is just another way PSU is working hard to provide students with the best and safest resident environment. Caldwell & Gregory is the nation’s premier provider of value-added student laundry programs.  


Bob Dinnie
President, Caldwell & Gregory LLC
[email protected]