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Caldwell & Gregory Celebrates Earth Day by Planting Hundreds of Trees!
Caldwell & Gregory Earth Day 2021 graphic

Caldwell & Gregory Celebrates Earth Day

This was as an employee appreciation event. C&G gifted each employee an Earth Day package with tree seedlings, wildflower seeds, and a reusable grocery tote! As a company, we planted over 300 trees and thousands of wildflowers in celebration of Earth Day across the 25 states we proudly serve.

In addition to planting trees and wildflowers, employees could submit photos of themselves and their families enjoying Earth Day to enter a raffle for sustainably themed prizes. C&G gave away sustainably raised meats, solar-powered chargers, reusable food storage products, bee pollinator houses, and the grand prize of an electric lawnmower.

The Earth Day event was a success. Our employees could engage with their families in a fun, environmentally friendly event and give back to the earth!

Here are some of the great submissions we got from our employees!