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9 Tips for Saving Money on Community Laundry Rooms 

A laundry community laundry room is a competitive feature in a multi-unit housing complex. Your residents will appreciate the convenience of having reliable laundry machines in the building. Plus, the laundry machines will create a new revenue stream. As you plan and implement your community laundry facility, you should try to run a cost-effective operation. 

Saving money while running a community laundry room requires effort before acquiring your equipment and during its lifecycle. Securing the best deal and maintaining peak efficiency will maximize the value you receive from your laundry machines. These tips will help you avoid loss and maximize profit: 

1. Clean the Laundry Machines

Washers and dryers accumulate dirt, hard-water deposits, mold, excess detergent and other materials over time. You should clean your laundry machines regularly to prevent inefficiency and potential breakdowns.

2. Reduce Laundry Room Clutter

Clear floor spaces allow residents and staff to move through the laundry room with ease. Clutter opens the possibility of mishaps and damage while making the area seem dirty.

3. Display Washing and Drying Instructions

Laundry equipment stays healthier for longer with proper use. Correct use also extends any consumables you provide for your residents, such as detergent, softener and dryer sheets. Posting instructional signs near the machines will preserve your equipment and investment.

4. Conduct Monthly Inspections

Noticing a small issue can prevent it from worsening. Conduct monthly inspections to get ahead of potential repair and replacement needs.

5. Open a Feedback Channel

Your residents are the ones who use the laundry machines the most. Open and advertise lines of communication such as a phone number, email address or application where residents can report issues.

6. Upgrade Your Machinery

Laundry equipment loses efficiency as it ages. Replace your laundry machines every few years so that the equipment in your room runs at peak efficiency. The manufacturer may provide a recommended lifecycle.

7. Lease Instead of Buying

You can control initial expenses and expedite the time to profit by leasing laundry equipment. With a lease, you’ll pay a monthly fee without the significant upfront cost of purchasing washers and dryers.

8. Buy in Bulk

Purchasing your equipment can be beneficial if the deal is right. Your business can get the most value by purchasing laundry machines in bulk at a wholesale rate.

9. Choose Card-Operated Machines

Accepting cash and collecting coins can be far less convenient than installing more modern options. Card-operated machines are useful tools for ensuring you receive the most value for every cycle your residents run.

Quality, Energy-Efficient Laundry Equipment From Caldwell & Gregory

Caldwell & Gregory laundry equipment can help you run a cost-effective community laundry room. We offer energy-efficient machines from trusted brands like Maytag and Speed Queen that run efficiently and reliably during their lifecycle, keeping the cost of maintenance, utilities and consumable resources at manageable levels. We also prioritize your needs to help you drive revenue — there are no hidden fees or unexplained contracts. You can trust that we will deliver the commercial laundry equipment, and services to that equipment when we say we will, at the agreed-upon costs. 

Contact us today to learn more about how to save money with us and get a quote for your multi-housing laundry room equipment!

Tips for Saving Money as a Laundry Service Provider
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Tips for Saving Money as a Laundry Service Provider
Discuss how to increase value of a housing property by providing residents with a multi-housing laundry room.
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