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Tips for Saving Money as a Laundry Service Provider

You’ve decided to increase the value of your housing by providing residents with a multi-housing laundry room in Florida. Here are some tips and insights to get the most out of your commercial laundry equipment and make your laundry room more efficient!

  1. Keep your laundry room and equipment clean. Residents are much happier to do their laundry in a clean laundry room with clean equipment. Dirty equipment can cause machines to malfunction, and a dirty laundry room can contribute to that. The less dirt that goes into a laundry machine, the less effort the machine exerts, and costly repairs can be avoided.
  2. Avoid clutter in the laundry room. Uncluttered laundry rooms have space for residents with their laundry baskets. Cluttered spaces can cause accidents that can damage people and equipment, and both outcomes can be avoided for a happier, safer experience.
  3. Post instructions on washing and drying procedures in the laundry room. My mom taught me to do laundry, but let’s face it, not everyone had these crucial life skills taught to them before they were tossed from the nest. Instructions can prevent ignorant mistakes from turning into unplanned expenses or expensive issues.
  4. Conduct monthly inspections. Keeping an eye on the laundry equipment and making sure everything is running smoothly can help keep maintenance fees down by catching issues before they are compounded.
  5. Get resident feedback. Giving residents a phone number, email address, app, or even a clipboard on the wall, where they can report issues, can help keep costs down. Since the people who use the machines will be the first to notice something wrong, let them be your first line of defense against expenditures on repair costs.

Quality, Energy-Efficient Laundry Equipment

Caldwell & Gregory laundry equipment can help keep your costs down in other ways, as well. Our equipment is always high quality so that you can keep costs down on maintenance, plumbing, and electrical resources. We offer energy-efficient machines from trusted brands like Maytag and Speed Queen that can help make your life easier by keeping the cost of consumable resources to manageable levels.

Caldwell & Gregory places high value on honesty. We get more business from our clients when we stand by our promises and integrity. That is why we have no hidden fees or unexplained contracts. You can trust that we will deliver the commercial laundry equipment, and services to that equipment when we say we will, at the agreed upon costs. Contact us today to learn more about how to save money with us and get a quote for your multi-housing laundry room equipment!

Tips for Saving Money as a Laundry Service Provider
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Tips for Saving Money as a Laundry Service Provider
Discuss how to increase value of a housing property by providing residents with a multi-housing laundry room.
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