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Commercial Laundry Machine Trends

The laundry industry continues evolving, with new technologies emerging every year. You must keep up with commercial laundry machine trends to offer the best services to your customers.

These advancements can shape how you provide your commercial laundry service. They will positively impact your business, helping you save time and money, build customer relationships and reduce your carbon footprint.

Explore some of the commercial laundry trends you can implement at your business. 

Modern Technology

Smart technology is at the forefront of nearly every industry. You can configure settings, monitor use and receive data with the latest commercial washers and dryers for laundromats. These updates will help you maintain your equipment and provide services suited to your customers.

Cloud-based management systems can also help you remotely manage and maintain your equipment, providing more flexibility and control. 

Coinless Payments

Cashless payments have been one of the most significant changes in recent years. Customers can pay for laundry services using their debit and credit cards, online transactions and mobile apps. Cashless payments are safer and more convenient, as many people prefer not to carry money.

Even as you move with the trends, you should still provide coin-operated services to customers who prefer the classic payment method. Various options allow you to cater to a wide range of clients.

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Mobile Applications

A laundry services mobile app offers many benefits. Along with paying for their services remotely, customers can select an available washing machine. From here, they can receive a notification when it’s time to pick up their laundry. This tech enhances the user experience by eliminating long wait times and providing easy payment options.

Mobile apps also allow you to connect with users. You can build valued relationships that will turn them into loyal customers.

Added Controls

Commercial washers and dryers for laundromats have a range of controls added to their equipment. The additional settings and modes allow customers to adjust equipment to their preferences. It creates a personalized experience, allowing customers to wash their laundry according to their needs. Clients will be happy to return to your laundromat, as they know they can expect seamless service every time.

Energy Efficiency

Lowering energy usage and utility costs are concerns for many business owners. Many laundromats contribute to high energy consumption by using hundreds of gallons of hot water for daily wash cycles. Energy-efficient equipment is one of the best ways to reduce utility bills in a commercial laundry service. Newer machines are eco-friendly and help you save money on monthly expenses. Here are some of the ways energy-efficient equipment can benefit you.

Environmentally Friendly

Reducing carbon footprint and implementing green practices has also been an emerging trend in the laundromat industry. Laundromats use a lot of water and energy to clean clothes daily. Eco-friendly practices allow businesses to save money while providing environmentally friendly services to customers. This tactic could even gain you more loyal clients. According to one study, 80% of consumers between 18 and 34 prefer brands with a proven commitment to ecological sustainability.

Here are a few sustainable trends you can adopt in your business.

Improved Customer Experience

While many laundromats provide automated services with a small staff, excellent customer service must be a top priority in your business. It increases the chances of customers returning to your establishment, boosting sales and exposure to potential customers in your area. There are many ways you can get in on the trends and provide excellent customer service:

Update your commercial laundry equipment with Caldwell & Gregory

Update Your Laundry Equipment With the Latest Technology

At Caldwell and Gregory, we provide excellent laundry service management and equipment to help you cater to your clients. We supply the latest equipment and commercial laundry parts to help you keep up with the trends and enjoy energy-saving and eco-friendly practices. We also support multiple markets to help you provide the best laundry service to your customers. 

Our technician and maintenance team will help you keep your equipment in top condition and address any issues to ensure our business stays up and running. With expert customer service, our representatives will provide the helpful information you need. Complete our online contact form to get in touch with us today.